Looking for information on potassium salts


I’ve seen quite a few people on the forums insist on using potassium gluconate rather than chloride. If the major concern is one of uptake rates and you’re getting a “slow-drip” of soylent throughout the day, shouldn’t it not be a problem?

I’m trying to figure this one out as I’ve been using K-Cl exclusively in place of Na-Cl in my baked soylent recipe. So far, it’s managed to lower my blood pressure (which had been causing problems with my platelet donations) and I’ve noticed no ill side effects. With the baked soylent, I haven’t noticed a salty base flavor that people have warned about. It may well be that I’m used to more salt (though I tend not to add it to anything).


From what I’ve seen in the recipes the favoring of K-gluconate over K-Cl is mostly about perceived (or factual, I am not sure) increase of K’s bio-availability and ease of dissolution.