Looking for input on DIY Recipe


Hey guys,

There’s a lot of discussion going on about official Soylent nowadays, and I’ve been missing out on some of the fun DIY discussion, so let’s talk about my recipe a bit. I’ve been on a DIY recipe ( http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/bachelor-chow-wo-masa ) for a number of months now. It started off as a small modification of max’s old Bachelor Chow, but I’ve modified it over time to become something more of my own creation. I’m reaching a point now where some of the ingredients I was more unsure about are about to run out, so I want to see about swapping them out. The rough draft of my modified recipe can be found at http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/bachelor-chow-wo-masa-w-starch . I may want to put some effort into giving it a real name some time.

I’ll describe some of the bigger changes here.

Removal of Waxy Maize Starch: At the time, I saw some good evidence that the glycemic index of WMS was surprisingly low (on the same level as white bread, a good amount slower than maltodextrin or conventional corn starch), while still being pure carbs with no micros. There was a lot of conflicting information about the GI of WMS, though, and a number of sources said it was just as fast as maltodextrin. While I’ve liked the flavor (very slightly sweet, and a sort of chalkiness I enjoyed), the price was too high for the nutrition I was getting from it. Furthermore, Rob’s mentioned that GI tests for official Soylent put it pretty low, so I’m sure I’d be fine with something faster.
I’m looking to replace this with either cornstarch or maltodextrin. I bought a little cornstarch at my local grocery store and tried that for a day and found the result to be a little more bitter, with a slightly less palatable texture than the (likely emulsified) WMS. I haven’t tried maltodextrin, but I imagine it would be similarly flavored, but slightly less chalky and more expensive. Could anyone comment on cornstarch vs maltodextrin in a shake-like soylent? Maybe an alternative to those three?

Reorganization of fats: I’m currently having 20g of soybean oil and 30g of fish oil per day. That’s a lot of fish oil, but it was necessary to get a reasonable (I’m aiming for 2:1) omega 6 to omega 3 ratio. The recent thread on an anti fish oil paper didn’t convince me to drop fish oil entirely, but it reminded me to take “everything in moderation”. 30g of fish oil is expensive, not particularly tasty, and probably overkill on the DHA/EPA. I’m trying to find a good supplement for most of my omega 3’s, with ALA being a fine form for it. Flaxseed meal looks pretty promising to me, though I’ve seen concerns about the texture and flavor. Any comments on the viability of flaxseed, or alternatives that rival it in price and fatty goodness?

Removal of acacia fiber: As far as I could tell (from the, um, behavior of the other end of the digestive system), my acacia fiber was doing its job properly and didn’t make the soylent taste terrible. Flaxseed has plenty of fiber and can replace the acacia entirely, which keeps the number of ingredients constant.

Any other comments or suggestions? I’d be interested in hearing about good sources of liquid fish oil. I’m pretty happy with the one I’ve got, but I know oil quality is a complex issue, and if anyone has really done their research on a brand and can vouch for it, I’d love to hear it.


Looks really good. You can make a few changes to bring your niacin under control.

  1. Drop your GNC Mega down to 22 grams

  2. Raise your Calcium/Magnesium to 5 grams

  3. Add 0.15 ml of Thorne Vitamin D/K2 liquid which has the added benefit of Vitamin K2 that is now thought to be of great importance to human health.

That should get all your numbers nicely in line. Here’s a copy of your recipe with those changes made:

All the best!


FYI, Some people have experienced discomfort from too many flax seeds in their Soylent.


Ah, nice suggestion. I wasn’t worried too much about the niacin, since the only real concern with going over the UL is the possibility of niacin flushes, which haven’t been a problem for me. I can see other advantages to the D/K2 liquid approach, though. The GNC Mega is a little expensive and pushes a lot of micros through the roof (B vitamins in particular), so cutting down on that is always nice. And while I haven’t done much reading on the subject, it looks like the vitamin K I’m getting from the soybean oil is all K1, and, like you mentioned, K2 seems to have a lot of advantages. Finally, the boost to the vitamin D gets a little close to the UL, but even the UL is well below most reports of toxicity, so it should be fine. I probably don’t get enough sunlight anyway.

@j8048188, if you don’t mind, what sort of discomfort are you talking about? Taste/texture issues? Digestibility issues? Do you know in what quantities people report these discomforts? I’m wondering how my currently listed 40g compares.


I’ll just give this one bump to see if anyone else has any suggestions. If not, I guess I’ll be the guinea pig and try it out with flaxseed, maltodextrin, and liquid D/K2.