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I took a milk based recipe by Jason that he had posted a while back and just started playing with it. I mostly went with, make the bottom part green, but I’ve seen a decent amount of posts about ratios and was hoping anyone with that knowledge could point out glaring issues.

I just recently added the oat flour and have not actually tried the recipe with that change. I found I was just annoyed by the previous amount of maltodextrin I had to use (200g).

Thanks in advance for the reviews.


Might want to increase the oat powder even more, so you can lower the malto even more.
Malto has a very high glycemic index, meaning it converts into glucose and gets to your bloodstream a lot quicker, so it spikes your blood sugar. Too much results in a sugar rush or lots of energy, followed by a sugar crash, you feel kind of tired, need a nap, and leaves you feeling hungry before the next meal time.
Many people seem to aim for a 50% of carbs from malto, but some still get the crash and hunger from too much malto, so have to aim for even less malto.
Your getting some carbs from milk and banana help balance yours out some, tho


I saw you give feedback on someone else’s recipe, so I figure I should reward that by giving you feedback on yours :smile:

Before I go through my thoughts (as I had a lot of them, and don’t want to give off the wrong impression), I just want to say that your recipe looks VERY solid. If you whipped up a day’s batch, I would expect it to taste good, it’s clearly nutritious, and you’ve also managed to keep the cost very low. I also have a milk-based recipe that you can look at if you’d like (Here), but I think because I have that experience I have a number of thoughts on yours:

  1. First thing I see is that you aren’t taking a multivitamin, though you are taking several specific vitamins. This is an interesting approach, as most people start from a vitamin and build the other ingredients around it. I like it.
  2. For each day you have to measure out 14 items. I have to measure 11, and it takes me a fair amount of time. I would recommend making several days batches at once, and store each day in a separate container/plastic bag/etc. It’s much easier to take out all the bags, measure out all ingredients seven times and put it all away, than it is to go through the whole process every day.
  3. As to your nutrients, you really nailed the micros. Might be a little high on Potassium, as I’ve heard you should ramp up intake of that slowly. Macros are good overall. Maybe it’s proportionally high on the Protein, but I don’t see a problem.
  4. Because you depend on a bunch of different ingredients for different micros, I think it would be hard to modify the recipe if new research comes out saying you need a different ratio of Ca : P or whatever. This isn’t a problem right now, just something to consider.
  5. You’ve got about a 6:1 ratio of Omega6 : Omega3. (Amounts of each don’t matter nearly as much as the ratio between them). That’s way better than the average American diet, but research is leaning towards a 4:1, or perhaps as low as a 2.5:1 ratio. In your case, though, I’m not sure how you could achieve that. Your fish oil pills have Vitamin D, so if you took another 1 or 2 pills, your Vitamin balance (between A, K, calcium, for example) might get thrown off. However all your sources of Omega6 are tied to some other nutrient, and it would be equally difficult to drop that down. How critical is it to have an ‘optimal’ O6 : O3 ratio? I wish I could give you a definitive answer.
  6. What’s the 5g of Coconut oil for? Flavor? Saturated Fat? I’m curious because I have a bunch of Coconut Flour, but haven’t liked any recipes I’ve put it in (I’m always chewing on it, no matter how much I blend). I love the flavor of coconut, though.
  7. Last thing, kind of silly, but your link to where you get Iodized Salt from is the same link as the olive oil. However, I know that price of $7.99. Don’t buy that! I don’t know how that got on everyone’s list, but it’s just a regular container of Morton’s Iodized Salt that you can pick up at any grocery store for $0.50! I just bought all my components at once and didn’t stop to think why salt cost an arm and a leg.
  8. EDIT: Oh yeah, last last thing, in response to @Frankz about the high glycemic index of Malto. As you can tell from my recipe, that’s where most of my carbs come from. However, I’m able to drink my soylent throughout the day, and not necessarily at ‘mealtimes’. So when I start getting hungry (or tired), I just drink some more. Haven’t had any sugar crashes, but I’m of course just one data point.

Anyway, just my thoughts. Hope it helps!


Your P : Ca ratio is a bit high. You want more Calcium than Phosphorus.


@Defender Thank you so much for the detailed response. I have been making this batch for about a week now, and one’s like it for about 3 weeks so I get some of the things you’re saying. More to leave notes than actually respond here’s some points on your post.

  1. The Trader Joe’s protein mix actually had a decent amount of things in it for a protein powder so I think that’s where this recipe started. I also have avoided the mortar and pestle work and just wanted to take the pills. For what I have it’s okay, but if I got a multivitamin I feel I’d have to start doing that.
  2. I’ve been making about a weeks worth at a time. I had to go down to just 4 days at one point becaue of the amount of maltodextrin I was using wouldn’t fit into the smaller containers I had. After the suggestions of @Frankz though I think I’m back down to the smaller ones again.
  3. I kind of dived into the recipe close to how it is now. Didn’t really have any issues with it, and I think my Potassium is lower now than at the start. Thanks for the heads up though.
  4. This is true. I’ve found tweaking my recipe is a pain to some degree because of how much the micros are scattered. I kind of wish the site would allow your to click a micro and see where you’re getting all of it in the recipe.
  5. I started playing around with this some. I lowered the olive oil and dropped the coconut oil (more on that next point) and it’s looking better. You are right about the pill, so I may need to fin another source of O3 to get that ratio in a better place.
  6. I have a giant container of this stuff that I bought before I started Soylent, I was just looking to make a dent in it. I added some but very little flavor, so it won’t be missed.
  7. Yeah I’m not sure where that came from. I picked mine up from the store and just put that there as a way to measure out the amounts. Thanks for pointing that out though so I can remove the link. Don’t want anyone buying from that.
  8. I did take his note into account and added the oat flour, which I’m glad for, but I also consumed throughout the day so I hadn’t experience a crash.

@Sintax Any suggestions for a straight Calcium source?

Thanks everyone for the feedback!


hmmm… I dunno. I use this. It’s from Nature Made, so it should be available outside Japan, but I can’t find it on amazon.com