Looking for some recipe advice


Hi all,

After lurking in the forums for a good while, I’m looking to try making my own soylent for weight loss. I tried finding a recipe to try out but couldn’t help but tweak things according to my own nutritional/flavor persuasions, and now I have something far different than what I started with (liquid cake).

Thus, before I go crazy ordering things and experimenting, I should ask: does this look good? Would it taste any good? Here’s my first try: http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/copy-of-liquid-cake-v13-137

Some considerations:

  • I’m only looking to replace 1-2 meals per day with soylent. That’s why the calorie count is so low, although perhaps it might be too low to keep me full until dinner now?
  • I’d really like to use kefir as a base if I can get it to taste good.
  • I really dislike grainy fibers (like oats and, I’m guessing, the psyllium husk powder I see often). I’d be okay with trying to get more fiber at dinner from food.

Thanks in advance!


If you’re scaling down the calories, you should also scale down the micronutrients. If you take in 2000 kcal/day and 600 of those come from soylent, then your recipe should only need 30% of all your vitamins, minerals, fiber, and so on. The 1400 kcal of non-soylent food should, on average, provide the rest. Most recipes on the diy site should be targeting 2000 kcal and 100% RDI, and then you would just eat more or less of that same recipe depending on how many calories you take in.

I know you can’t tweak many micros because you get them from multivitamin pills which would be a pain to divide up properly, but things like potassium, table salt, cocoa powder, and choline can all be easily dropped. There may also be some value in keeping them high if you think the rest of your diet will be insufficient.


I have a few questions for you. How tall are you and how much do you weigh? What is your activity level like? How quickly do you want to lose weight? Roughly how many calories do you plan to eat for dinner?

As far as your current recipe goes I would suggest adding some unsaturated fat. Specifically omega-3 and 6. Also I would replace the potassium gluconate with citrate. The citrate will metabolize into bicarbonate in your blood, help raise your PH, and lessen any bone leaching you may or may not have from eating protein.


I think the kefi is fine as an ingredient if you like it and tolerate it well. And you’re not using so much protein powder, I think the flavor will be OK, depending on how well the banana mixes.

But I agree with austonst about scaling… it looks like you set up a custom micronutrient profile (“gofigureskater”) which targets 1609 calories a day, but then you set up the carbs/protein/fats to provide only 646 calories per day. I presume you plan to get about 950 calories in your dinner.

So you’re getting 40% of you calories in breakfast/lunch, and then 60% in that big dinner. Not a bad thing.

BUT… with this recipe, set up those 650 calories of breakfast/lucnh to give you your full day’s supply of everything except calories - including calcium, sodium, potassium, choline. You’re getting your full day’s sodium when you’ve only eaten 40% of your food!

What you should do is set up your formula to hit all the marks when you set the carbs/protein/fats to hit the 1609 calorie total. And then, to only eat 650 calories a day, just mix it up using .4 times each ingredient (40%, or 650/1609).

You can’t chop off 40% of the multivitamin, and for the stuff in the multivitamin, that’s fine… but for stuff like choline, calcium, sodium, etc., you don’t want to get the whole day’s worth before you even start that big dinner.


I agree with horsfield that you should get some detail on the fats… try to find the fat breakdown in kefir for a start, and then I’d probably add a daily fish oil capsule. The big unknown is what kind of dinners you have - for all we know, you’re a huge seafood fan and have salmon all the time, or something…