Looking for Soylent 1.6 in Kent, WA area. OR This is why Soylent should be sold in stores

Work decided to send me to Kent, WA for training again for two weeks - very last minute, meaning I found out today at the end of my shift.

Is there anyone that has a box of 1.6 that lives in the area that’s willing to sell me a box (7 Bags) for the subscription price of $54.00? My shift is from 6:30A - 3:00P, I could meet you in the evening on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

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I had RL ship a box to Cleveland, where I was on a work trip. If you are in Kent for two weeks, seems simple to get a delivery there. (Mine arrived 48 hours after ordering, getting to my hotel a day before I arrived.)

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My subscription renewed and a label was printed on Friday, will arrive at my house on Wednesday. If I order a new shipment today to get shipped to my hotel, it may arrive on Thursday. Its the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the first week that I will be out of Soylent I already inquired with RL and if I order another box today, they can’t guarantee it will ship out on Monday or when it will be delivered. Additionally, I will be in a different hotel the second week, so no reason to get it shipped to a hotel. My work occupies 6 buildings in Kent, I can get it shipped to work but I will be tracking down the shipment and if the shipment doesn’t have a control number, it will get routed to a shelf where we literally get 100+ shipments every day. (We are a contractor for Boeing and Airbus.) Work flys me back home over the weekend, so I will be able to stock up over the weekend when I am home. I may just have to eat “analog” Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday… or just pickup some ensure. (I literally found out I was flying to Kent at 5:00PM on Friday. Last minute, and not enough time for RL to ship that same day. My normal subscription had already shipped to my home address.)

Order from Amazon. There’s a price premium, but you know exactly when you will receive it.


Good call. I didn’t even think of this, order is in.

Take the bags with you. I’ve flown with Soylent 1. Many times including international. Carrying and checked. Never an issue. I’ve even taken my pitcher along and stuffed a few bags inside to save space


I am taking the bags I have with me. I fly with Soylent 1.x all the time. I don’t have enough bags to last the week was the problem.


Well, huge fail for the hotel I am at. Someone signed for my Soylent package but the front desk can’t find it and have no idea what would have happened to it.

Again, this is why Soylent should be sold in stores.


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