Looking for stopgap DIY


Hi guys.

I placed an order of soylent but it says the shipping time is 4-5 months. In the meantime I want to start losing some weight (I think going on a liquid based diet for a while will help with that).

I’m 32, 315lbs, male.

While I’m waiting, I figured I’d give a DIY a shot.
I’d prefer buying something pre-made for me, but could be maybe persuaded to fully do it myself.

I would plan to have the majority of my caloric intake from this.

I’m wondering:

  • Which DIY to try? (Which ones can I buy pre-prepared? Any with consistently good quality/no issues?)
  • Anything to watch out for?
  • What sort of equipment should I consider? (I don’t really have much in the way of jugs, thermoses, etc.)
  • Any other advice?


I would go to www.powderedfood.com to answer those questions. I’m not familiar with alternatives myself, but it seems to be the most popular.


Hmm, I tried going there and it had an advertisement just saying the domain is listed for sale on mark.com.
(Google says you probably meant www.powderedfoods.com. I’ll try that.)


Oops, right you are.


Ok, looks reasonable.

If I wanted to try making my own (e.g., Quid’s Superfood), how do you actually combine stuff like the vitamins? Crush in mortar & pestle? Blend the powder together?


You can sort the DIY recipes by popularity if that helps. I always liked the look of the Superfood recipe, but never tried it as I stated with my own DIY’s, and I never could see the appeal of People Chow beyond the simplicity, it just doesn’t look that tastey to me, too gritty, etc.

I am now using my own ketogenic soylent, which you may want to consider for the weight loss benefits. I have found this to be the best soylent recipe I have tried, official or DIY, and plan to use it for the foreseeable future. I’ve been using soylent for over a year and love it, and once I had the recipe locked down I made the switch to keto over three months ago, I don’t regret either decision for a moment.

Quite a few actually. Go to r/soylent and check out the links in the list of distributors in the sidebar. @axcho has a long list of his own recipes he sells, and he will make a custom recipe for you if you prefer. @chris_bair is selling a modified version of my keto recipe that I linked above, as well as People Chow.

I haven’t seen any complaints over quality from any distributor. Just recipe preference or shipping issues. 100%FOOD was getting a following (though you’ll want to like chewing your drink if you use them), but their support seems to be slipping now. They advertise next day shipping, but I’ve been seeing complaints that they are taking a lot longer now (weeks), and they used to be active in the community but haven’t been around for a while.

Just read up on any particular recipe or distributor you like. On the DIY site be sure to check out the recipe notes and comments, sometimes there will be good info there.

Check out the notes in my recipe for a list of what I’m using. It’s going to depend on whether you DIY or not. At the minimum get a thermos to travel with, and an airtight 2 liter pitcher to mix a days batch.


As I mentioned above, I’ve been DIYing for a while now. I started heavier than you are now, and am down ~80 lbs since starting soylent, and over 100 lbs in all. It’s not just the soylent that helped me get here though, is the incredible education I got along the way, an education I would not have had if I had simply bought some mix that was ready made. So if you are at all of a mindset to do DIY, and if you’re asking about it than I suspect you are, then do it. Jump on in and splash around with us for a while, you’ll be richer for it.


I’ve got a ton of pre-prepared DIY recipes that you can order on my site Custom Body Fuel, as well as all my recipes shared publicly on DIY Soylent. There are lots of reviews and such you can read before you choose!

If you want to try a bunch of flavors, I’ve finally made a sample pack available (Schmoylent Sampler) which I just posted about in this thread. :wink:

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Most don’t crush their pills, they tend to mess with the flavor of the recipe, really bitter stuff. If a recipe calls for pills just take them on the side.

I don’t like pills, and haven’t used them in any of my recipes. Mostly because it feels as though they get caught in my throat, I guess I’m one who can’t swallow pills well. Also, I don’t like having anything left out of my mix, I want it to be all inclusive.


I have taken to letting my vitamin pills dissolve overnight and giving the mixture a very good shake in the morning. This doesn’t work so well with jell caps. Capsules twist appart easily.

@axcho’s People Fuel Plain is quite tasty and can be scaled up to meet your caloric needs.



Hmm, I think I’d want more protein than is in the people fuel plain. More like 20 or 25%. I do (try) to exercise regularly (2-4 times a week, 2 currently, 4 ideally and will hopefully be ramping up and staying at 4 soon).

I’m also not sure about stevia powder (have never tried it, would want to research more before eating it regularly).

I’m looking at QuidNYCs superfood; I’d be interested in trying it.
I’d probably do something like 10 days worth over one week. (So instead of 1776 calories, 2537 calories to start out.)
(I assume I don’t increase the 2 vitamin pills, but do increase everything else?)

Is there a cheaper way to start out than ordering $400+ of food (plus a couple airtight containers for mixing & some airtight vacuum sealed bottles for portability).
What stores might I try to find some of the bulkier items at? (The Kirkland vitamins I can get at Costco I assume, not sure where to get organic blue corn masa, whey protein isolate (maybe a GNC or similar store?), and many others…)
I’m hoping I can find at least the non-prime shipping items locally…


One of the cool things about DIY is you can add as much or as little protein as you want. The amount of protein you add should be based on your weight not % calories.

I will admit that stevia has a weird taste and after taste till your tastebuds adjust.

If you’re going to be experimenting and don’t want to shell out a bunch of cash you can not buy in bulk. You can get masa harina in the baking isle of the grocery store. I get mine from the local Vons. If that doesn’t work you can try looking for a grocery store that caters to Hispanic shoppers.

Your correct about not add more vitamins when scaling up a recipe. You would scale the carb, fiber, protein, and fat only.


What? I think how much protein we consume should be based more on age group, gender, activity levels (sedentary or semi sedentary or working out) and ofcourse percentage of our calories. And if we want to lose weight then probably a higher percentage of protein in place of carbs.

@Morik, And how tall are you? Being 315 lbs means different things for a 5’7 guy and a 6 '4 guy.


Just a bit of buyer beware… I would strongly considering “testing” samples from Axcho first. He’s been on a the board a long time, has developed a regular following, and I would personally have no issues with ordering from him. I point this out because if you have nobody around you doing DIY, “bulking up” on ingredients can be expensive. I think I saw you mentioned Quids super food at one point, I tried his keto recipe, after a week I gave up on it and “donated” around $200 in ingredients that did not carry over to any other recipes I wanted to try.

In hindsight I probably could have tried to tweak some things (I’ve since moved to a protein “mix” that contains whey, casein, soy. I could have addd xanthum gum for mouth feel, etc.). What I could have done instead was order a week (or even just a day or two) from someone on the board first… Thats what I would recommend and with folks like Axcho who do it so regularly if there is a recipe he doesn’t offer that you see on the DIY database, I bet he could whip up a small batch for you at reasonable cost.

I’ve exposed probably 20-30 people to DIY, out of them, maybe 1-2 stuck to it as a total meal replacement and maybe another 3 or 4 do it on an “as needed” i.e. several meals a week basis. Everyone else just couldn’t get past the mouth feel (this seems to the biggest issue in my experience) or the taste/lack of variety. Also think about what kind of food you like now, are you someone who typically skips desert/candy and prefers savory over sweet foods? That will guide what kind of flavor profile you should be looking for. Personally, I hate sweet soylent and it just makes me want to snack/eat candy afterwards. I do better with flavors like Cinnamon and vanilla, occasionally peanut butter, that kind of thing.

Just strongly consider testing before buying up a ton of ingredients which you might ultimately not need or have any other use for.


I bought mine from Amazon, you probably won’t find it locally, and it was very expensive compared to the white. They are really similar nutritionally, the blue is a slight bit richer in some vitamins (though, unless he’s changed it Quid used the nutritional info for white in his recipe), flavor is different with the blue being stronger, and the blue is grittier, more coarse. I found I preferred the taste and texture of the white in my old recipe.

The white can also be found online, though unless is a particularly good sale it will be cheaper to buy it locally at Walmart, etc.

If you’d like to try some blue I’ll send you as much as you’d like, I’ve probably got ~40 lbs left of a 50 lb sack, I won’t be using it since I’ve gone to keto and don’t want it to go to waste. I’d just ask that you pay the shipping.

Easy to adjust in any recipe, but be sure to copy the recipe you’d like to use and increase it in the DIY tool so you know your micros still line up.

Micronutrients should probably be increase based on body weight, but none of the online calculators will scale them as they do the macros.

Buy small quantities rather the the bulk amounts listed. It will raise your daily cost, but give you a cheaper way to try the recipe. You can also try to order a sample of the recipe to try first from someone who sells it, then if you like it order your bulk ingredients to DIY.

Local groceries may have some of your items, but you’ll have to hunt a bit.


@Tark: I’m 6’0

I’ll look at trying some premade stuff before I try making my own.

Also just a bit more data about myself.

315 lbs
A good bit of muscle (I’m pretty strong and have been going to the gym 1-3 times a week for several years, but my eating is horrible.)
A good bit of fat too. (Big belly, man-boobs, hip fat, some but not a ton of arm fat, not much leg fat.)

My office provides lunch & dinner. Options vary from less healthy (sausage, made-to-order burgers, duck with fat on it, cookies, frozen yogurt, cake, etc) to relatively healthy (greens cooked with a bit of EVOO and salt/pepper, full salad bars with homemade low-cal dressings, roasted chicken, roasted pork loin, etc )

I could eat a small lunch at work if I didn’t go 100% powdered. I recently started usually eating a salad with spinach greens, corn, bell pepper, apple slices, pickled onions, and maybe 2 tablespoons of a cilantro-lime dressing, plus one taco (soft shell, fillings vary but generally a spiced meat (chorizo, cajun chicken, steak, etc) + some sort of salsa, other veggies, cheese (which I’ve been leaving off), and sometimes sauces (varies, sometimes no sauce).
I could up my protein by going for either the prepared protein or the fish. (There is always a land-meat (chicken, pork, beef, etc) and a fish dish.)

My problem with eating though isn’t the work meals. They also have snacks lying around (M&Ms, but also healthier things like roasted seaweed & various greek yogurts, fresh cut fruit, etc).
My main issues are either snacking on the less healthy options, or eating junk at home (especially on the weekends).

So my thoughts were to do one of the following:

  • For a while just go completely on powdered food. Rationale: if I “know” I’m not eating normal foods, I hope to have better control on snacking; if I need a snack, I drink some of my powdered food. No junk at home, no junk at work. Also much easier to track total caloric intake. (I’d probably still have the occasional espresso drink with some whole milk, though maybe I could switch to Americano instead.)

  • Eat just lunch at work. A protein & some vegetables, or maybe just the protein. Powdered food for everything else. (Harder to regulate caloric intake. Also if my bags assume bag calories + lunch at work per day, weekends will be off.)

  • Eat lunch, dinner, snacks at work (limited to fruit, yogurt, seeds/nuts, etc). Replace home eating, weekend eating, and supplement work snacks with powdered food. Even harder to regular caloric intake. Also if I’m going to the snack areas it will likely be harder to avoid sometimes getting the less healthy options like M&Ms.


I agree except with the percent calories. Age, weight and body composition goals, and activity level affect the grams of protein per pound of body weight needed. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of protein is just enough to achieve what is called a nitrogen balance and is the minimum needed to prevent progressive muscle loss. There is no evidence that I am aware of that suggest getting more than the RDA is harmful in any way. An RDA for sedentary people 19-50 who are not looking to lose weight or gain muscle is 0.36g/lb ( 0.8g/kg)

For people like the OP who want to lose weight and increase muscle mass the RDA is 2-3 times higher at ~0.82-1.23g/lb (∼1.8-2.7g/kg). The added protein will not increase the amount of weight loss but it will lower the amount of muscle loss and raise the amount of fat lost. The addition of resistance training can actually increase both muscle mass gain and fat loss.

There is evidence that the protein requirements of the elderly are also higher than the RDA at about 0.68g/bl (1.5g/kg). This does not apply to the OP but it does support what you and I are saying about age being a factor. Increasing protein intake to 0.45-0.55g/lb (1.0-1.2 g/kg) has been shown to preserve muscle and bone mass in seniors.


Spaceman’s 100%Food is pretty good, I tried it for a bit before I got my Soylent, and will probably alternate the two.

Also, Im still waiting for my soylent, so got some off of ebay. I haven’t seen anyone else post about that on here, so I’m not sure about it, but something to think about…


You can also get it on Amazon.