Looking for volunteer Rails devs


Are you a coder who’s passionate about Soylent?


Meet SoyLog, a community run website to organize and enhance the Soylent lifestyle through quantified self-diagnostics. You track you Soylent consumption and input your health records. Optimize your health and share your data.

Interested? https://github.com/adamwong246/SoyLog


I’m interested! I’m doing a Rails intensive (appacademy.io) starting in a month, so if you still need people this summer let’s talk about it.


Perhaps. I’m hoping to move faster than that. The rough outline is already finished.


@adamwong246 I’m working on a project that could benefit from your project. We’re working on a general purpose ingredient-mixer, or a Soylent-specific mixer. I’m trying to get Soylent, the base recipe, to display in chart form, as the basis of an ingredient mixing web ui. Here’s Soylent Pie (Chart):

Would you consider incorporating Google Chart API support into your plans for SoyLog?


Of course! It’s a rails app, so the it has an API for sure. I’d love to integrate more charts into SoyLog cause it’s kind of plain right now.

Sorry about the long response time.


Thanks, @adamwong246. I appreciate it. I look forward to seeing more. Do you mind if I ask how far along you are in your project?

Also, I get a 404 when I try to follow either of your initial links.


yep, 404 for me too, not a rails developer but could give it a shot


You guys should check is isup.me because I just checked and those links go to the heroku app and github, respectively… at least for me, right now.

So I’ve held off from putting up too many updates, because I don’t want to show off non-working code. I’m not really ready to go public yet but if you want to see the app in actions, pull it from github and run it locally. But an update is coming… soon!

Suffice to say, I’ve made tons of headway. At this point, you can make a recipe with real ingredients and the nutritional profile will be calculated, along with the price per serving and stuff like that. You can adjust your levels to suit your needs and add ingredients from any url. You can also clone another persons recipe, so you don’t have to start from scratch. You can “flag” almost any ingredient, recipe or component as spam, dangerous, etc This is the mechanism by which commenting works as well. That will make more sense in time, I promise.

Like I said, many things are still pretty janky. If you want to help, head over to github!

What needs to be done immediately

  • Lose sqlite for PostGres
  • A mechanism for “multiplying” a recipe, so that it’s easy to scale up you recipe.
  • Optimize sql design (It’s slooooow right now)
  • Testing, testing, testing

What needs to be done longterm

  • Adding support for medical records
  • Styling ( I have rocking css skills but no taste whatsoever)
  • Optical Character Recognition of nutritional labels (Right now you have to do it by hand and it’s really tedious)
  • Micro blogging, commenting
  • Even more testing


Sounds awesome! I’ll see if I can’t get it working on my machine.



Alright! I had so much intrest I decided to go ahead with an update. Of course, not everything works but you should get a pretty good taste of things to come. We aren’t ready to go live but feel free to monkey around. Just don’t get upset if the database get’s cleared and all your data disappears!


Enjoy :slight_smile:


Very cool! Would you mind if I posted this to the Google Group for SoyBot?


Sure. I don’t mind at all.


Are you sure the repo isn’t private?


This is really strange. I’ve had several people star the project and it’s public. It should be available.

update: You may need to be signed in to github to view it. I logged out and then I couldn’t see the repo either. Make sure you are logged into github


It’s probably a GitHub bug. I can’t even see your profile.


Same here. Cant see profile nor repo whether logged in or not.


God damnit. If this is the reason I’ve gotten no call backs in my job search, I’m going to be furious. Hang on guys, I’ll figure it out today.

Edit: Github marked my account as spam. Thanks a lot github. It should work now guys.


Not sure if everybody knows this but I’ve long since fixed the github issue. My day job has really kept me from hacking on SoyLog but I’m still interested in getting some volunteers or testers.

TL;DR SoyLog is still alive.