Looking to get feedback from Soylent drinkers in regards to oral health


The longer you’ve been on it the better! I’m concerned that switching to soylent will aggravate a potential cavity I have and would like to avoid that - I know a lot of recipes rely on flours and wheats (starches) and sugars.


Do you not consume starches and sugars in your normal diet?


Yes I do, but with regular food I am eating it on an irregular basis - Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, perhaps with a snack at some point. With Soylent it is much more regular throughout the day, therefore would it not be more detrimental to oral health?


Try drinking it through a straw to minimize contact with teeth.


Or drink water immediately afterwards, to keep your mouth clean. There’s nothing sticky in Soylent, so it should wash down easily, and with regular good hygiene otherwise, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Soylent isn’t necessarily more regular through the day. What I’ve done and seen is 3 portions, just like regular meals.


Alright thanks for your input guys. It sounds like my worries are easily assuaged, so thank you for enlightening me.