Looking to live better and lose weight! is this the right way?

So, i am a 6’5 19 year old man and i weigh 330-340 pounds, i’m not overly fat, i will admit i am a little, but i am also strong worked as a laborer at a bridge building company for about 5 years until i got in an accident, now i work on the computer all day and don’t have much time to do anything other than that, eat ,and sleep. i eat what i can when i can and haven’t ever really cared about it until i realized how large i am getting, using a bmr calculator i would burn about 2950 calories a day if i did nothing but sleep. so would a bag of 1.5 a day be a good way to free up meal time, feel better, and lose a little weight? thank you for reading and hopefully replying. :0


You’ll lose weight, have more time, and probably save money. You might not feel better right away though. If you’re going from 3000kcal+ to only 2000kcal, you may feel sluggish and tired for a while as you adjust.

If you eat 2000kcal of 1.5 a day (one bag, which is at least a 1000 kcal deficit for you) then you’ll want to add 40-60g more protein.

alright, i’m strong in the willpower department so i should be fine, thanks for the answer! ~cheers

if i made it with milk instead that would be 33.2g of protein and 600 extra calories, so should i use protein powder instead? or would that mess something up?

Protein powder wouldn’t mess anything up in general; find out what works for you.

Milk would work, it would be a little expensive though so at that point you might as well buy 2.0 for the extra protein and skip mixing entirely. I recommend you get whey powder, that’s the highest quality protein there is and it’s quite cheap. Keep an eye how much actual protein you’re getting per gram of protein powder, many of them are cut with carbs for flavor.

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Someone your size needs a minimum of 106g of protein per day to maintain your lean body mass. Losing weight can up to double that requirement. A bag of Soylent has 80g of protein so the 33g from the milk should cover your minimum requirement. If you do decide to add even more protein I recommend NOW Food’s whey protein. It has the best price I have found.

Now Foods Whey Protein Isolate Pure 10 lb https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004G6WOU8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_boP9wbM8HMRBS

I like peanut butter to supplement my protein. Adds some salt as well.