Looking to sell DIY ingredients


I just got my soylent in so I’m looking to get rid of my DIY ingredients. I paid around 300 for them new and I have used them around 5 times so it is a little light. Anyway I’m looking to get 100 but that’s not a firm price. I’m in the Flint MI area. Let me know if you are interested.


What ingredients do you have?


Oh sorry I should have put that in the post, everything needed to make people chow but I’m sure it would work with most other 100% recipes


Do you have any interest in buying this stuff? Are you in my area?


I’m not in the area, and in deciding if I want to… I’m on the fence with DIY and haven’t taken the plunge yet.


I’ve been “rolling my own” so to speak for over four months now and I would never do official Soylent as it exists today (though I haven’t tried 1.1). For about half the cost of the official stuff I am getting a tailored recipe that is far denser in protein and fat and greatly reduced carb content. What you might want to consider doing though is ordering some DIY samples from the various folks that got into selling it before investing big time in ingredients that you may or may not like. Some ingredients are transferable (isolate protein for example) and others may not be.

I would also ask for a bit of detail about storage practices before buying anything that has been opened. I mean no offense to paul_murchie but this is food product that you will be ingesting and proper handling & STORAGE are very very important. All my bulk ingredients are kept sealed from factory/shipper until needed and once opened are transferred to food grade containers. Items that come in smaller containers (such as Masa in 4 pound bags) I keep in my garage double stored inside plastic tubs kept on an elevated shelf (to reduce risk of any critters or creepy crawlers).

If he bought buik Whey Isolate from NOW or Hard Rhino they come in a giant plastic bag that should not be used for storage once opened. After opening its important to transfer these into some kind of air tight container (some folks use left over tubs from smaller protein orders like 5.5LB tubs you see on shelves) and others like myself have just bought separate food containers (they are relatively inexpensive on Amazon).


You may get more if you sell your DIY, not ingredients.

More over - many will be interested in checking your blend, since we’re looking for new tastes every day…