Looking to sell up to 5 boxes original Soylent drink in Seattle area


$30 cash per box (retail is $34). I miscalculated and accidentally over-ordered for my family, and we had hoped to get through it all before it expires but I don’t think we’ll be able to. I have 5 unopened 12-bottle boxes of original Soylent Drink which expire in April (some on the 10th, some on the 20th) which I would like to sell, or 60 bottles total. I’m happy to split up boxes between people if needed, but not to open them for individual bottle sale. Please PM me if interested.


FYI expiration doesn’t mean it goes bad as the bottles are prepared aseptically, which means there’s zero bacteria inside the sealed bottles. In Soylent’s case the expiration date means “the nutrition label is guaranteed until this date” rather than “don’t consume after this date”. The calories, protein, and minerals don’t really degrade, and of the vitamins probably only a few degrade significantly so if you aren’t able to sell them you can finish them off for a long time past expiration date.