Looking Up Order Date


I see that there are some one week orders that received shipping emails in the tracker. I’d like to know where I stand but can’t remember my original order date. For a while I was able to login to Backerkit and see my order details. Now when I do that it just tells me the project is closed. Is there anyplace I can go to see the details of my order?


I’d tag @MattCauble or @ana for that question


Actually, thinking back on it, you could check your email for your original backer confirmation too. Should be able to figure it out from there.


Thanks for the tags. I recall having ordered sometime in May 2013. The first emails I have from them are when they charged my card on June 14th. My BackerKit invite din’t show up until October. Guess I’ll just have to wait an see.


I’m in the same boat. The first backerkit email I have is from October 2013, asking me to fill out a survey and make sure my information is up to date. I’m pretty sure I signed up long before that, I was watching Soylent pre-backerkit and signed up for me week as soon as it was available. Wish I knew the exact day, but in the end it won’t matter much I suppose.

Edit: Aha! I have an email from June 2013, not from backerkit, with a manufacturing and shipping update. So I was already there by June at least for sure.


I know mine because of my receipt. In case it helps searching: the email came from info@soylent.me with the subject “You just made a payment!” It also said “Soylent Corporation” in the body. If you deleted that one, well, I can’t help you. :wink:


I still have the reciept from 6/14, same day as my bank was charged. I just thought I remembered seeing a May order date in BackerKit and was curious.

But RL was kind enough to PM me and let me know my order is shipping today! So who cares when I ordered? It’s finally coming! :joy:


Yeah I have two orders of 2 weeks of soylent that I paid for April 29th that haven’t shipped and no way to check on my shipping address or anything at this point since backerit is down :frowning:


@a5m0, a 4 week order should have shipped by now. Tagging @Ana, @JulioMiles, @MattCauble, to look into it for you.


Holy crap it’s here. Today. In New York. In my fridge. Did you guys use the shipping delay to invent teleportation? Did you take all the crowd funding money and invest in Elon Musk’s Hyperloop? If this is indicative of future shipping speed, I’m glad they took the time to find the groove.


Almost definitely should have received a 4 week order by now. Probably even a 2 week order depending on how you place the 2 orders. If my 1 week order is anything to go by. Email info@soylent.me as per the blog.


Shortly after posting I received a shipping confirmation :smiley: