Looks like postassium gluconate is back in 1.4


Potassium gluconate is back, thoughts?

And 28 servings? Must be for an entire week’s worth.


Good catch! Probably they needed the neutral taste of the potassium gluconate back?


Why are you concerned about the potassium glucinate?


I think there’s a general assumption that since the change in Potassium was the only really significant stated change in 1.3, and it basically cured the gas issues for just about everyone, that changing back will bring back the gas issues. I for one am not convinced that’s the case given all the other changes in 1.4. Our first batch of 1.4 just shipped so… I’ll find out more first hand in a few days!


Presumably RL has a way of testing for the gas issue now. The testing could of led them to remove the potassium gluconate. If testing did show the elimination of the gas I seriously doubt RL would put it back in all willy nilly without making other changes to accomplish the same goal.


It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.


Well it definitely didn’t cure it for me. I was still getting it about a week in if I had more than 500 calories a day. I went on a trip a couple days ago and decided to stop Soylent. Then they announced 1.4, so I won’t be finishing my last four bags of 1.3. But like I’ve said before, 1.3 was definitely better in the gas department than previous versions!

I think RL knows that if they really want to go mainstream they need to have a formula that is basically free of unusual gas right out of the starting gate. When I first read about the changes in 1.4, I was the most excited about Soylent I’d ever been. Fingers crossed, but hearing about the potassium gluconate back in the formula makes me just a tad nervous. We’ll see!


We can only hope that the way the ingredients interact with each other somehow matters. If so, then all the other changes might yield a different way that our bodies interact with the potassium. Those of us who were massively helped by v1.3 can only hope that’s the case. @Zenman: I kept taking a gas-specific probiotic each morning, which did nothing with previous iterations of Soylent but might have been what kept v1.3 safe for me. Sometimes I took Beano, too. Perhaps with a little Beano or a probiotic, you can safely finish your v1.3. I hope v1.4 finishes the gas off once and for all, though. You are definitely correct that Soylent will never go mainstream while it causes such a major problem for so many consumers.


The reduction in protein should help on the smell at least. I look forward to hearing feedback from the community about how they fare on the 1.4.




Awesome Vanclute, looking forward to your review!


I don’t think the potassium changes had much to do with people’s changes in gas problems. I have an old draft of a long post on the subject, but never got around to editing it.

RL didn’t remove potassium gluconate in 1.3 to address gas problems, they switched it for dipotassium phosphate to address flavor problems. Plenty of people still had gas on 1.3.

I’m sure there are people who had relief from their gas problems on 1.3… but I’m also sure that those same people were on Soylent longer before having 1.3 than they were before. In other words, time to adapt can also be a big factor, here. It’s terribly, terribly hard for anyone to make an accurate subjective assessment.

In 1.4, RL now offers a specific and intentional change to address gas: reduced fiber. At the same time, in the new formula, they don’t need to shy away from the flavor influence of potassium gluconate, so they’re back to that. But they say they’ve tested, and 1.4 relieves the gas problems for most people - that’s a good thing!


The one wrinkle in that theory is that multiple people posted that they had 1.2 and had extreme gastric distress, tried 1. and had NONE at all, then went back to 1.2 again and instantly had the same old gas issues, went back to 1.3 and they went away again. So I don’t think it had anything to do with those people having had more time to adjust or anything like that. For whatever reason exactly, 1.3 has had a huge impact on the gas issue. None of us are truly sure why that was.


The potassium switcheroo is really pretty mysterious. The enzymes they added came and went fast as well, but that made more sense as there was a lot of not very positive feedback about that version. Maybe it was supply chain issue and they used the shipping volume and flavor of potassium gluconate as excuses? Anyway, I honestly don’t really care that much, it’s just very curious. I obviously have too much time on my hands right now.


I recently had a physical for work and my potassium levels were elevated and considered high. I googled some and found that gas aids could elevate potassium. I had been taking 2 gas x pills a day along with the Soylent. I have stopped the gas pills since I no longer have that problem.

Has anyone heard of Soylent users having elevated potassium levels?


That’s interesting, and it does suggest a connection between potassium and gas. Those of us who were saved by v1.3 weren’t dreaming…


I associate my initial gas issues not from Soylent, but from my other food intake. I switched from a horrible fast food diet to Soylent 1.2 for breakfast and lunch. That is when the gas, bloating, and stool issues were not pleasant, but I had a lot of junk to ‘clear out’.
By the time 1.3 started I had stopped eating junk so had already stopped having gas issues.
I now am mostly 100% Soylent, at reduced portion sizes, unless out to eat with friends/family. When out, I still do my best to avoid greasy and carb heavy foods, which results in no more intestinal issues.
Junk in = junk out.

Regarding raised potassium levels, at the time I was also taking 2 IBP a day for a knee issue, which per Googleing, could have an effect on potassium. I am no longer taking IBP and look forward to see what a repeat blood screen shows.


I started with 1.3 and had no has problems. Overall, I like 1.4 way better, but there is a definite has problem for me.

I’ve been on 1.4 almost exclusively for 3 days. Granted I’m far from the standard for digestive health, does anyone else have the same issue?


After drinking 1.3 for a week or so we decided to finish off our old box of 1.2 on the weekends. All week drinking 1.3 I would be fine and one day of drinking 1.2 and I would fart up a storm could peel the paint off a wall… I repeated this for about 3 weeks until I decided to just toss the rest of the 1.2


Damn, sorry to hear you tossed it. I would have gladly taken it off your hands (as I’m sure others would have as well). Not everyone had huge problems with 1.2, even though 1.3 is definitely much better.