Looks whos in the Australian News!


Our friend @rob is in the Australian news which is available here

Comments vary but most people like to mention that there is human in Soylent. Good to see most Australians are cultured :wink:


I like the guy who asked if Soylent had killed Bruce Lee.


i like that news story especially what the nutritionist said.
so the top reason was (im assuming its there top reason or why put it first)

Sydney-based nutritionist Susie Burrell said while supplements could be developed to replace the contents of a meal, the reality was that humans enjoyed sitting down to meals

so there u go the TOP reason that soylent wont work is because people like to eat. which im just going to say right now is outdated quite fankly a stupid way of thinking. i for instance just had a bacon toast butty. firstly i dident sit down once :wink: secondly i dident particularly enjoy it, outher from the fact that i was hungry and i was eating something to stop being hungry.

oo i like this bit

“If his digestive system isn’t used to chewing or digesting food, that one meal a week out with friends might be a big shock to the system,” she said.

there is a thread around here somewhere with someone giving this argument (i didnt know your stomach had teeth in it and it chews your food?) and iot was pointed out quite rightly that after food is broken down in the stomach it carries on through the digestive system as almost purely liquid.
i find it funny because what i see when i read this is this woman saying
omg if this catches on ill be out of a job. must make crap up to stop them!


She’s not that wrong. I’m not a doctor but liquid food is different from solid food for the digestive tract.


Yeah unfortunately news.com.au is full of the stupidest or at least some of the most ignorant people in the country which is clearly visible from the comments. At least there’s a bit more exposure for Soylent I guess.