Losing Fat/Gaining Muscle

Has anyone every cycled between a week where you lost weight by reducing your caloric intake using soylent and HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) and a week where you increase your caloric intake using soylent and protein powder and heavy weight lifting?

It seems both doable and clever. One could increase their calories beginning a day before hitting the weights hard so they have more energy for their workouts. Then they could work out hard for 3 days taking in more calories until 48 hours after their final workout to repair muscle before dropping back down to their weight loss regimen. After 40 weeks one should be able to lose 20+ pounds while gaining muscle, no?

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? It seems doable but it’s been over 10 years since I spent time in the fitness world so I figure it can’t hurt to ask.

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i do HIIT twice a week and have soylent as mmh calorie intake stabilizer. Add peanut butter/tofu on HIIT day. I’m not trying to min/max and optimize like crazy, but i lost the weight i wanted to lose and made me look more “defined”. So yeah i think it would work.

I’m no expert on nutrition or body building but I do some workouts (simple bodyweight workouts, namely pushups and squats) while on a caloric deficit, not to “build” big muscle per se, but just to prevent muscles from atrophying. My conjecture is, as long as you are using your muscles, then your body (or rather, brain) will think these muscles are needed for daily activities, so it will not try to get rid of them.

Maybe I’ll let you know how it goes in a few months

This could theoretically work but you would have to be consistent enough with your workouts and nutrition for results. A time span of 40 weeks is more than enough time (with 12 weeks or 3 months left in the year). But the week to week cycle between HIIT and weights alters too often. My suggestion would be to do one week of HIIT training and two weeks of lifting, with the 4th week of this (suggested) month long cycle easing up on everything all together. HIIT in itself is intense and then you’re going to tax your body even more with heavy lifting. Your mind and body will need to recoup. That 4th week would be used to lighten up a bit. But this is just a suggestion. I don’t know the details of what your workout or nutrition regimen are or what your current stats are in regards to physical features, eg. weight, height, age, fat percentage.

I like this suggestion a lot. Thank you.

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Cyclical dieting for just that reason has been done… But it may be more trouble than it’s worth. You may gain more muscle and lose more fat by trying to gain for a few months and lose fat for a few months.

It’s more worth it if you’re already on the lean side - lean people have more trouble gaining weight without adding a lot of fat, and more trouble losing additional fat without losing a lot of muscle. Check out Lyle McDonald’s UD 2.0.


How’d the regimen go?!

Any improvements?

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