Losing weight and how many to drink

This is all over Facebook. I’m interested in finding the pros and cons of using it to lose weight. It would be ideal if all the Nutritious were built in.

I believe Soylent isn’t designed particularly with weight loss in mind, but if it’s healthier than what you’re eating now you might lose weight on it.

If you want actual advice on losing weight using Soylent then I suspect you’d need to provide more details about yourself.

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Losing weight is basically a matter of calories consumed vs calories used. I assume you are talking about the new Soylent in the bottles, which would be about 400 calories each… Without knowing your current weight, height, activity levels and all that… I can only say that perhaps 4 bottles which is about 1600 calories would result in weight loss. But to be honest, you would need to calculate the actual numbers to get a better idea.


Try putting your numbers into this little thing, and it would give you a general idea.


I have about 50 pounds to lose. I used the link you provided, thank you. It states with all info provide to lose 2 pounds a week I need to consume roughly 1275 calories a day. For me it’s about convenience. I also understand that I need the balance of carbs, proteins and fats to not feel out of sorts. With that being said will 3 of the drinks per day along with my coffee be enough nutrition for my body. I will adjust drinks to my physical activity.

I am 5’10". Started at about 206 lbs. Broad, moderately muscular build, with some extra weight on top.
I’m on Soylent about 90% throughout the week, and 25%-50% on weekends. Full 2000 cal/day on average.
Within a month, I dropped about 10 lbs, and have kept it off, with no other major changes to my lifestyle. It’s still creeping down, too. It’s just not quite as quick a process as it was at first. I feel a lot better too.

I find that being able to easily track calories makes it hugely more simple to keep things balanced. Find yourself out for dinner? Skip a meal sized glass. Have a beer or two? Skip a snack.

It’s working well for me.

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You could, but I wouldn’t recommend aiming for 2 pounds a week. It would be much better to lose the weight at a slightly slower rate (speaking as a person with no medical background).

I would suggest aiming for the 4 bottles (1600 calories).and then combine it with a little walk.

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The problem with Soylent as a weight reduction solution is that it’s designed to deliver 100% of daily nutritional needs in a 2000 calorie “package.” So cutting calories with Soylent = cutting all other essential nutrients delivered as part of the “package.”

I thought that the amount of nutrients needed scales with amount of calories consumed.
That’s why nutrition facts say “based on a 2000 calorie diet”.

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Yes and gender, age, activity level too etc.

As I understand that’s not necessarily the case. Protein consumption for example should actually be increased while losing weight, while other nutrient needs may stay the same or be reduced. Iodine and omega 3 are used in the brain so those probably wouldn’t change when you eat less calories, while I could see the need for sodium going down, or possibly rising if you’re exercising more while dieting.

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If you eat less normal food, you would also get less vitamins and minerals.


Very true, although for people considering moving from a non-Soylent diet, I do wonder what percentage of the daily recommendation of nutrients they get at the moment.

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Well, it depends how you change your diet, right? If you eat fewer calories worth of normal food, but eat different kinds of normal foods, you might get more vitamins and minerals than you did before.

1.5-2lbs/week is actually the recommended rate for weight loss. You can actually go up to 3lbs/week according to most stuff I’ve read, but most websites/tools play it safe with by recommending 2/week.

It’s also pretty hard to get to 3lbs/week anyway.

:slight_smile: i am of the beliefe that a slower rate would be better in the long run. I stick by my recommendation of 1500-1600 calories and then walking a little extra to burn additional calories. The combined excersise would give a more healthy body as a result. If she/he to go with the 1600 calories and then burn 200-400 on a moderate walk/jog/ride whatever… Then then it would end up being about the same weight loss.

Agreed on the calories and exercise. Actually not sure if this is a man or woman, but for most men it’d be closer to 2,000 calories (Soylent’s pretty convenient that way.) Then you burn the rest off with exercise, just two walks a day usually gets me close to burning 3k calories according to my UP4.

Now if I could just consistently stick to soylent and/or 2k calories of food… :frowning:

As for lbs/week:

“Also, please skip any programs that promote detoxification pills, laxatives, fasting, or potions, and any that promise weight loss faster than 2-3 pounds per week.” - http://www.webmd.com/diet/lose-weight-fast-how-to-do-it-safely?page=2

Basically the recommendation is to keep people from cutting their calories too much or trying fad diets that promise X lbs/week. The only real benefit of losing weight slower is that your skin is more likely to tighten up better, so that really depends on how big you are and how old you are… if you’re 20 you’ll probably be fine no matter what.

The important thing is for the calorie burn to come from exercise as much as possible.

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