Losing Weight FAST on Soylent



On day 3 of Soylent, feeling fine (really neutral in fact), but just weighed myself and I’ve lost 3lbs!

Although I certainly am overweight, I never really looked at Soylent for weight loss, but more for my digestive issues (IBS).




weigh yourself throughout the day to get a better comparison your weight can easily fluctuate that much normally. You won’t lose 3 pounds of fat or muscle in 3 days taking in 2k+ calories


To me the much more meaningful metric is shape. I lost about 3% of my body weight in our first month on Soylent, which is really nothing to get overly excited about. But, I also lost maybe a half inch (wasn’t actually measuring unfortunately) as all my shorts & pants began slipping off of me, that fit perfectly a month earlier. Same with my other half and her clothes. My unprovable theory is that Soylent is helping our bodies convert fat to muscle more effectively so we may actually maintain or even gain weight, but our shape will get trimmer. At least that’s what’s happened thus far.


I’m starting day 3 (thanks to @bryce_leo !) and fitbit says I’ve lost 3.5 lbs. I only weigh myself in the morning. I noticed my shorts fitting better today, too.

edit: I’m on 100% Soylent w/ oil diet and haven’t exercised at all


I also weigh myself in the morning and the 7 lbs is conservative. Not that I’m not happy! I’m a good 80 lbs overweight (since getting married hehe).


You might be suddenly consuming far fewer calories than you did previously if you are (as I am) overweight. You might want to go to the calculator suggested by @sharkerty and use it to estimate the number of calories you had been taking in per day and then possibly supplement Soylent with other food so that you don’t lose too much weight too fast, which could be potentially unhealthy.


I’ll take a look, but I’m not sure any calculator is built for my mcdonalds, pizza, chinese, ribs based diet. That’s why I was sooooo surprised at how easily I converted onto Soylent.


In general losing weight is the basic burn more calories than you consume each day metric. You need to burn about an additional 3500 calories to lose 1lb of body weight. If your Soylent consumption is about 500 calories under what you burn each day you will lose a steady 1 lb each week. 3lbs in 3 days is not likely actual “lost weight” (obviously you are 3lbs lighter but I doubt you were able to burn an additional 10500 calories…) however it is the change in the amount of water being retained by your body.

I weigh myself each morning (been trying to cut the weight a bit myself and have done well with DIY) and have seen days where I have suddenly shot up 3lbs (and I did see some sudden drops when I first started doing DIY). I have found a direct correlation to these sudden weight swings (plus or minus) with my intake of salt. I usually eat my diy soylent for breakfast/lunch and then have normal dinners with the family during the week, weekends are a bit less regular. If I have a meal with considerably more salt then I normally take in I will see a sudden increase of a couple pounds the next moring when I weigh myself (and I know I did not consume 7000 extra calories in a single day!). Basically the increase in salt consumption made my body hold onto more water. I’ve seen statements saying that the first 10lbs or so of weight loss can just be “water weight” and this is why when you first start a diet you can sometimes see very quick results in the first week or so but things slow down and the weight loss gets more difficult. (not sure if this is 100% accurate but it sounds likely)

I would suspect that the quick 3lb loss that you saw is a result of the Soylent you are now eating having a much lower salt content then the normal meals you had previously been used to so your body is holding on to less water.

While Soylent is not a “weight loss” product it is a great tool for losing weight just due to the ability to exactly dial in and know precisely what you are consuming each day. When I first started using DIY and looking to lose some weight I got a fitbit and used it to figure out what I was burning for calories each day (when you have a desk job it is depressing to see how little activity you actually do each day). After averaging the numbers out from a month of data I adjusted my diy recipe so that I would be about 500 calories below my burn rate. It is slow and steady but I’ve averaged about 1 lb of weight loss per week (sometimes more if I’m more active) it doesn’t seem like much at first but after a few months the results can be impressive.


In the first few days weight loss comes from you evacuating your bowels and not filling them back in with food.


I know what kills me diet-wise is hunger driven snacking. So if Soylent replaces that I’d expect weight loss would occur naturally.

Personally, I think our bodies are actually pretty well designed to regulate a healthy bodyweight. It’s just that modern western food is so sweetened/high calorie it throws everything out of whack. Bad choices are just way too easy and pushed on us. Last time I went to McDonalds and ordered a medium coke they were all “sure you don’t want a large, price is the same today!”. Um no, I don’t need 32oz of soda right now, thank you very much.

I’m really curious what people’s experiences will be like long term on Soylent since it’s designed around being a staple nutritious average calorie food.


I just started Soylent about first dot on this image (last Sunday). Clearly Soylent seems to impact weight, but I’m betting it’s water weight and not being solid food considering its volatility. In my graph you can see that just eating a few meals over the weekend caused a large hill and then reverting back to Soylent for the week day again seemed to keep the weight going down. For me I’ve had these sort of spikes because I am lactose intolerant and bad at avoiding milk. I also think there’s something else in my diet I’m sensitive to that isn’t in Soylent. Anywho, I wouldn’t be too worried unless it kept going.

Are you tracking your body fat?


Most of us overeat not due to “I’m not getting enough calories!” (if we were not, we wouldn’t be gaining weight), but due to “I feel hungry”. Since Soylent provides both calories and nutrition, out bodies’ hunger is sated, and we don’t overeat trying to get the nutrition missing from our diet.

So you will end up losing weight, probably, until caloric content begins to be the bottleneck, at which point you’ll eat to maintain weight.


The human body fluctuates +/- 2-3 pounds per day. Best to see if your average weight moves over the course of a week or two. losing 2-3 pounds like that for real requires a low calorie diet, and soylent, is by no means low calorie.


That would all depend on how much you consume though. It may not be low calorie based on 1 bag per day per person, but it’s not hard for many people to consume less than that and be quite satisfied.


I personally went vanclute’s method, cold turkey. Going from a diet of 100oz of Snapple and 4000+ cal a day with trans fat to just Soylent. I’m just amazed how easy its been so far.



Our bodies are designed to store as much excess as possible. Historically, getting enough food was far from guaranteed, and so putting on weight whenever there is a surplus so you can survive when there is a shortage is a high priority, and going for high-calorie foods with lots of fats or sugars helped that. Hence, our natural inclination is to seek out sugary, fatty foods and store the excess for later use. So, you then put us in an environment where high-calorie fatty sugary foods are easily obtainable, remove the physical demands on us that causes us to burn the energy, remove all of the shortages, and our natural tendencies work against us.


When I was on my diet (that my doctor approved) I was eating a LARGE bowl of oatmeal (targeting cholesterol as well as weight and this did the trick) with nothing but a pinch of 2% and cinnamon, A salad with everything on it I wanted except for dressing for lunch, and anything I wanted for supper. I had a banana for between breakfast and lunch snack and 3 or 4 cuties for afternoon snack and I also walked 3-4 miles a day. I also drank mass amounts of weak iced tea throughout the day. I lost 2-4 pounds a day on that diet. I also go to my cardiologist 4 times a year so I made sure everything is fine. A lot depends on how big you are and how much you have to lose.


unless a person is grossly obese they are not going to lose 2-4 pounds every single day on a 2k calorie diet with a low amount of exercise.

1 pound of fat is about 3500 calories.


I was 6’5 280 or 285.


I was 6’2 averaging 278lbs for the past few months. While I do recognize that this is mostly water weight and one simply can’t continue to lose weight at this rate, it’s nice to see and a great motivator for me.