Lost 10 lbs/6 weeks on Soylent & what is ketogenic


I wish I looked into DIY Soylent last year.
I have been so happy with my current recipe from @QuidNYC that I decided to cancel my month order of Soylent. I am sure later this year I will order a weeks worth to see how it tastes and let the guys work out the bugs. Partial reason why I dont like getting a new phone on release date.

I wish them the best seriously!! But I enjoy tweaking the recipes to my exact requirements (macros, calories, etc…)

(Also just an update since I started soylent 5 or 6 weeks ago, I was at 205 pounds (6 foot) and weighed in today at 194. I do lift weights 5 days a week but pretty cool to still have tons of energy, still lifting strong and burning fat.)


Hey @snowboardutah – I’m glad it’s working out for you – congrats on the weight loss! Though I’m certainly not looking to rain on Rosa Labs’ parade… Their concept is spot-on, and I think we all want them to succeed with their product rollout and over the long term.

I have my own order in the hopper for a week’s worth of the official Soylent, and though I’ve debated canceling I think I’m going to keep it to at least try the stuff out for myself.

As you may have gathered from my activity on the DIY site, I’m probably too much of a tinkerer at heart to stick with a one-size-fits all formula (especially now that I’ve switched to a ketogenic recipe for the time being). It would certainly be more convenient to get bags of the stuff in the mail than to have to break out the scales and measuring spoons on the weekends – but in truth it has become something of a hobby for me. I’ve learned a hell of a lot about nutrition over the past ~6 months, and I like the ongoing challenge of recipe optimization, weighing competing nutritional factors against one another, staying on top of the latest scientific research, etc.


I was actually just looking at your recipes and noticed that you have been focusing on ketogenic. Can you tell me a little bit more about the whole idea behind it and the differences with each ketosis recipe you have?


Here’s a guide that may be useful to start:

Volek & Phinney’s “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living” also comes highly recommended.

For the moment I’ve got 3 keto recipes:

Ketofood (for Induction Phase)” – This is designed to be as close to zero carb as possible to rapidly burn through glycogen stores and induce ketosis. Note that you don’t necessarily have to start out this way. I did it because I wanted to speed things forward. It’s not the most appetizing recipe I’ve put together, but it did the job.

Ketofood (for Ongoing Ketosis)” – This is a more moderate recipe that incorporates coconut flour. Still keeps net carbs around 30g/day.

Java Ketofood” – This recipe is similar to the “ongoing” version, but it is based on a particular (and currently expensive) variety of whey protein from Nutrabio that incorporates flavoring, caffeine, and a vitamin blend. Compared to the two above, I think it qualifies as tasty.

Note that before soylent, I had never really tried a ketogenic diet, in part because I found the idea of following one somewhat daunting in practical terms. Once I had switched over to DIY soylent for nearly all of my intake, I realized all I had to do to try out keto was switch up my formula and proceed as before.


@snowboardutah which recipe are you using? For that matter we should have a thread (if there isn’t already) where everyone who is successfully DIYing links to their recipe and shares why they like it.


I am using @QuidNYC most favorited recipe. But may try his ketogenic recipes after I am done with my 50 pound bag of blue masa. You?


Thanks for the link. I’m not doing DIY yet but I’m more and more motivated to do so. However, I’d really rather pay someone else to do it :slight_smile: