Lot L6009 Weirdness

I just got my batch of Soylent for this month and it was from Lot L6009. I did one bag of Soylent as I normally do and found that this batch came out more watery than previous batches and also had a nuttier taste to it. Has anyone noticed anything weird with this batch? I’m going to continue making a few more bags to see if maybe it was just that one bag that had a problem.

I was just happy to get stuff with an expiration date more than 2 months in the future! Hadn’t noticed anything too odd about the flavor.

What is the expiration date? Hopefully it was a small batch, so it doesn’t slow down 1.6.

Just checked the box and it says Exp 01/17

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I got my L6009 batch today and it tasted really weird. It had a clay like taste which I found to be really disgusting. I contacted customer service to try to solve this, because I am not able to drink it.

How many bags have you found this way? I only opened the one so far, I’m going to try from other boxes as well to see if all the boxes from the same batch are like this.

I tried two bags from the same box and another bag from my second box and they all tasted the same. Do you agree with the taste I described in my previous post?

I would definitely agree that the taste is quite off. Did you find the consistency of this batch to be more watery than previously?

SOB… Really? Im Choking down lot L5259. I just got another shipment sent to my new address, Lot L6009. I was going to switch to the new lot but now I suppose I will just choke it all down and switch to 2.0. This Sucks.

I do agree with you about the consistency. However, the taste itself was the worst part of it. I desperately hope this is a mistake and not a permanent taste change.

Question for Rosa Labs: when you receive reports such as the above, what procedure is followed? Do you have an official taster? Does someone decide whether there was a real problem and what it is? @Conor

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Can you try a bag from the new lot? So far it doesn’t seem to much of a widespread problem, otherwise I would expect more people with that lot number to be posting about it.

It shouldn’t be a permanent change. If it was due to some international change in the formula I would have expected the version number to change.

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I can, I’ll prepare some L6009 and report back. I still have 32oz of the last batch of lot L5259, this means I will have my first taste of L6009 for lunch tomorrow.

Yeah, you’re right. I’m just afraid that they did a minor change to the formula (like changing a supplier or upgraded a machine) that created this taste permanently and affected all the bags from Lot 6009. Soylent customer service responded to me and said that they only have Lot 6009 available which makes me worried. They are sending me two new boxes with Soylent 1.5 and I really hope the taste is like it should. I will report back as soon as I know more.

I usually replace Soylent with about 80% of my meals so I really hope this gets resolved quickly.

I started using Soylent just 3 days ago. On the first day I used 2.0 Bottles. The second day I used 1.5 Lot 6009. I can defiantly taste a difference between the bottles and the powder, but that is to be expected. I am getting used to Lot 6009 the only powder I know…now I will be worried if they “change it back”.

In my opinion:

Bottle 2.0 tastes like a smooth, liquefied, original oatmeal flavored, milkshake.
Powder 1.5 Lot 6009 tastes more like slightly vanilla flavored pancake batter with extra small gritty particles.

Both seem to have there own taste profile. I like the 2.0 while my wife prefers the 1.5 version. I am in the process of getting some LorAnn flavors to play with the taste.

I hope you got the Soylent 1.5 with the normal taste. You most likely did, because I don’t think you would be able to drink it if we got the same bags. Also the powder I got certainly didn’t taste like you described.

I’m sure it’s fine. If it had been the whole lot there would be more posts on here about it. They’re sending me a replacement order from the same lot. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Are you thinking the bag you got was spoiled somehow, or does it seem more like a mixing problem where it did not get mixed in the proper ratio?

If it is a mixing problem where all the ingredients do not get mixed well then this could actually be pretty dangerous because bags may be lacking on one mineral, but have a very large excess in another.

I just prepared Lot 6009 and decided to try two oz. This batch is “back to normal” of what I am used to.

I just want to reiterate that lot L5259 is awful.