Love the product! But experiencing nausea! Any advice?

Hi Everyone:

First off I just wanted to give my praise to Soylent. I love this product and the 2.0 bottles taste absolutely amazing. Price, shipping time, and customer service are all above par.

The only issue is that I always experience nausea afterwards. NO headaches or migraines just straight up nausea maybe starting 15-30 minutes after I finish a bottle.

This will last sometimes all day or will go away if I eat a real meal.

I’ve tried everything I’ve found online:
-drinking it slowly
-staying hydrated
-eating salty foods

Possible reasons for this happening:
-Body not used to the nutrients(?)
-certain chemicals not agreeing with me
-body being malnourished

I am wondering if theres any one else out there that has experienced this.
I am also curious If I just have a straight up soy intolerance and thats whats causing this which would mean so long to Soylent :frowning: I love this product and I would love to get some feedback from the community! I don’t want to give up on Soylent just yet!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

How long have you been using Soylent 2.0?

The fact that the symptoms go away when you eat solid food suggests to me that it might not be an allergy or intolerance. I would think if it was an allergy the symptoms would persist till it was out of your system not till something new enters your system. I could very well be wrong.


I have been using it for about a week now and its the first Soylent product I have ever used.
It tends to last sometimes after I eat but its not as strong. I am going to take a break from it all for a few days and see what happens when I drink another bottle, I will also just try drinking straight up Soymilk.

This probably isn’t helpful information, but you never know…

The first bottle of 2.0 I tried gave me a little indigestion. After that my body has loved it. I went back to the powder for a couple weeks and the first time I had 2.0 again I had the same little bit of indigestion. I’ve been pretty much 100% 2.0 for months now and no issues whatsoever.

I appreciate the comment! Yeah I honestly think its just the soy in it thats killing me even though I’ve never had problems in the past. People on other forums told me to just push through it and see if it persists longer term but its not really worth the effect for me. Sucks cause I really like this stuff :slight_smile:

personally I would try the powder since its not based on soy. it has a small amount but not enough to notice. or you could try ordering samples from many other brands or some DIY’ers. I don’t like the taste of soy at all but the Soylent 1.5 is not bad at all.

It is most likely an intolerance. I had the exact same thing happen when I started drinking protein shakes. I bought the cheaper stuff at Walmart, and though I liked the flavor, it made me very nauseous, and thus I started to shop around. I thought it was an overabundance of whey, but then I got a different brand I couldn’t find in stores that was 100% whey off Amazon, and the nausea stopped. Thus I link it to the sugar content or the soy that was in the other brand. Speaking of soy, that can do that to you (make you nauseous if you not used to consuming soy). I love honey roasted soy nuts, but too much really can make me sick. I am not sure why (haven’t researched), but my opinionated assertion is the link between the hormones soy contains an my own system (isoflavones that mimic natural human estrogen), but this is speculation. With Soylent, I have surprisingly NOT had nausea with it, and honestly did not think of this potential when I first got it (it’s been years since I’ve had roasted soy nuts). With the protein shakes, even though both products I have tried have soy in them, one works with me and the other doesn’t. Soy is a strange thing, and it’s combination with other ingredients can make it a hit or miss on ones body if its not to the body’s liking. Worst case scenario, your body cannot handle Soylent. At best case, you can slowly allow it to adapt to the new food. In either case, there will be better soy related products that will agree with your system more, unless you have a straight up allergy of it (of which you would know because many food products contain soy and you would react the same way to all those products to different degrees).

My best recommendation is to eat crackers or bread, something that will “soak up” the drink in your stomach, making it less likely for nausea to occur. Drinking it slowly won’t do you any good if it happens more than 10 minutes after the fact. Malnourishment symptoms will continue, and not ease after a 30 minutes or a day if that’s the case (actually if you are malnourished, you more likely to get sick and stay sick after eating anything, not just Soylent). Diluting it further may help (drinking more water), but that will only get you so far since your body still has to process the ingredients. Again, I would say to not consume the Soylent alone, and slowly wean yourself off of supplemental foods if you want to go 100%. I would say take a month to do this. I don’t know if you have pets, but when you switch them to a new staple food, you can’t go “cold turkey” on them, or else they will get sick and puke. You have to slowly introduce the new food by increasing the new food and decreasing the old food over a period of 2 weeks to a month depending on how the pet handles it. Do the same thing with Soylent. But take it at your own pace, if you start to feel sick again as you wean off, maybe your body just cannot handle Soylent alone. Back to the pet analogy, I got a new food for my cats and hedgehog (they ate the same food, and the kind we were getting them skyrocketed in price in a short time), my cats took to it very fast without problems, but my hedgehog got very sick after only one night (I had only 5 pellets of the new food for him just to try among his full bowl of old food), and immediately stopped trying. I now get smaller bags of the old food because it goes farther for my hedgehog, and new food for my cats (for those interested, I went from Blue Buffalo to Taste of the Wild). Again, just listen to your body, it knows you better than you do. :smile:
Hope this helps.
Edit: I drink the 1.5. It does have soy, but since I have not tried the 2.0, so I am not familiar with the differences between the powder and premade drink (I don’t have the fridge space, I use individual scoops in blender bottles for every meal, and put water in when I’m ready to consume it).


I’m pretty sure that 1.5 has only soy lecithin, no soy protein, and apparently little or no isoflavones. So Chihirolee3, you having had problem with soy nuts but not soylent 1.5 makes total sense, most bad reactions would be because of proteins or isoflavones.

Tati, I think the advice to try 1.5 is a good one. If the soy in 2.0 is bothering you, then 1.5 will probably be fine for you. If 1.5 bothers you also, then you know that it probably not the soy that is the problem.


thank you so much for such a great response. this def helped me out a lot. Ill take your advice, my diet isn’t really all to healthy to begin with and that may be part of the problem too.

I really appreciate the time you took to write that out for everyone :slight_smile:

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There have been times when I drink a full bottle of 2.0 on an empty stomach I feel a little nauseous. It gives my stomach a certain type of greasy/oily feeling that’s kind of unpleasant, like it needs something to help soak it up. Other times it coats my stomach and settles it. So I’m really not sure.