Low calorie consumption

i’m currently on day 2 of my 30 day soylent journey. however i have a huge issue with the amount i’m consuming. from the pitcher I’ve been supplied i figure on average i have been consuming around 400 calories a day. this is a big no no. i thought i was going to be easy hitting the 1000 calorie marker a day but i fear if i force myself to eat more then i’ll get sick. i have consumed nothing extra besides unsweetened tea. how can i get a higher calorie count?

Do you have any new symptoms since starting Soylent? It sounds like you might be having a reaction to an ingredient(s).

What was your pre-Soylent diet?

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my pre soylent diet was just my normal diet of vegitables and protein. i don’t think it’s an allergic reaction like i’m not feeling sick while eating it. i just consume what i think is close to 400 calories and i want to be close to 1000 but i feel if i eat anymore then the 400 that makes me full i’m going to get sick.

A pitcher full is 2000 calories, and you have only been able to consume less than 1/4 of a pitcher, is that right? Just making sure we are on the same wavelength.

What version of Soylent is it?

So if you drink a cup of Soylent you can’t drink more 8 hours later?


this is correct! when i poured the soylent from my pitcher into my water bottle i took about a third of it. and that third has taken me 2 days to finish. i’m using V1.5. i have consumed nothing besides soylent and i eat all of my meals and snacks from the water bottle due to my work being very sporadic i eat when i have time and when i feel hungry. yesterday between work and meetings i only consumed half of my bottle and my hunger didn’t bother me for the rest of the day and today i finished off the other half of the bottle and i haven’t “eaten” since 2 this afternoon and it’s almost bed time for me. i have no hunger but i know i have not consumed enough to sustain my body however i do not feel hungry and i’m concerned that if i force myself to eat more i will feel sick.

Interesting. I personally think that you should “force” yourself to drink more and see if you actually feel sick. If you do and can’t get yourself to consume an adequate quantity of Soylent, you should abandon your experiment. As we know from life, some people just don’t like some foods, and they normally don’t eat them.


Thank-you i will try to “snack” a bit before bed and see how it goes

I’d strongly consider setting regular meal times and forcing yourself to drink your allotted calories then.

When you have a disregulated metabolism, you cannot rely on hunger to give you the proper cues to eat, nor to stop eating. Consuming your assigned meals on a regular and periodic scheduled basis may help, over time, establish a healthy baseline both in your body’s rhythms and those of your microbiota (yes, they have diurnal rhythms, too.)

I realize this is difficult for a busy person with sporadic work, but that’s where Soylent makes it easier than most other foods. Drink and go, or drink on the go. Until drinking your meal actually makes you sick, try not to be too anxious about it to try consuming the calories you know you need. Your anxiety may be helping depress your appetite.

People with normal appetites who suffer anxiety or stress will often eat too much, but with a disregulated metabolism, anxiety can suppresses the normal hunger stimulus.


greatly taken into consideration and tomorrow morning i’ll make a go plan for the day

I was out and about all day, lugging around a 1.2 L thermos filled with iced Soylent, but I guess I was so busy I didn’t feel hungry until I finally got home late at night, at which point I drank all the Soylent, and then ate a peanut butter cup and a bunch of chocolate for good measure. I probably should have stopped after the peanut butter cup.

If I eat next-to-nothing for a day or two, I tend to make up for it in spades. I don’t know if that information helps you at all, but I felt like sharing. :man:


hey your sharing was relevant to my issue and today for me was actually a good day i consumed a fair bit of soylent but then i had an ultrasound appointment on a tender area and i was in so much pain i got sick. soup and ginger ale this evening


Came across a new study published just the other day…

We know that the cyclicality in our microbiota is strongly linked to our eating and sleeping times… It turns out the effect seems to be stronger in females than in males!

How go your attempts to eat on a more regular schedule?

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eating on a more regular schedule has been a big flop because of how sporadic my work is. however i will announce that i have been able to consume close to 24 oz of soylent a day (roughly 800 calories) i’m getting closer to consuming as much as i should. though i’m still curious how a container can last me for 3 days. then again i throw in peanut butter to flavour which makes it a bit richer i guess

Just as a point of reference, how much do you weigh and what is your activity level? Both of these have implications on your required caloric intake. It is almost more dangerous to take in too few calories than more (although it almost seems counter-intuitive since so many go way overboard in the overage direction).

i’m currently 190lbs/ 86 kgs/ 13.5 Stones. My height is 163cm/ 5’4". i think i’m kinda active when i need to go and do something i either walk or bike there plus i have yoga up to 4 times a week for an hour.

According to the Soylent Nutrient Profile Calculator, you should be taking in 2534 calories a day at your activity level and assuming your are a 30 year old male. Correcting the gender or age values doesn’t change the required calories that much. This assumes you are wanting to maintain your weight and are not trying to lose or gain. If you are trying to gain weight, you need more, lose and you need less. Even if you are trying to lose weight quickly, that only drops it down to 1901 calories a day, almost a full bag.

If you are only targeting 1000 calories a day, you may be undernourishing yourself. All metabolisms are different, but you do need to be careful and make sure that you aren’t leeching your bones of calcium, draining your bodies critical fat reserves that protect your heart and organs and not depleting your muscle mass. IANAD, so you may want to consult with your primary care physician about these issues and make sure that your dietary intake is adequate for your body and activity level.

well to clarify #1 i am female #2 i’m in my early 20’s (21 to be exact) #3 yes i will admit i want to lose weight. if this helps cool i’ve just heard good things so i want to try this out #4 i do have a small appetite to begin with as normally i would have 2 snacks and a meal in a day. And Finally #5 i have PCOS so my metabolism is stuck on slow-mo for a woman to lose 20 pounds with PCOS she needs to work as hard as a regular woman does to lose 60.

but i am in contact with my doctor just in case anything goes wrong.

Ok, so with the desire to lose weight quickly, and your gender; the required caloric intake for you would be more around the 1768 range with a “normal metabolism”. Given the issues with weight gain as a common symptom of PCOS, you do have to take that into consideration. However, and you may want to discuss this with your doctor, you need to make sure you are not taking in too little and cost yourself muscle mass. Muscle mass burns 300% more calories at rest than fat and with regular exercise your body needs the proper materials to replenish and repair after such exercise.

It is good to keep in touch with your doctor and necessary with your condition, especially with major changes to diet. Has your doctor endorsed a 1000 calorie diet? And have they suggested taking advantage of weight training?

the diet i am supposed to keep is under 100 carbs a day and between 1000-1300 calories a day

as to weight training i’m not allowed to for the moment do to a car accident i am recovering from. my car rolled over 5 times and i ended up with nerve damage in my spine so i’m using yoga to fix that so i can get back to the activity i love, Fitball HIIT, Zumba, and Long Distance Running!

Yipe, well, hope you get better. With that kind of carb restriction, you need to be careful with Soylent 1.5 currently. Half a bag gives you 1000 calories and 114 g carbs. Now, the type of carbs you take in are important, but keep in mind the numbers involved and maybe consult with your doctor about the specific carb sources within Soylent to make sure that if you go over the 100 per day with Soylent, that it is ok due to the types of carbs that are in it. Otherwise, you may not be able to use Soylent to provide the bulk of your dietary caloric intake.