Low-fat Soylent


Over in the DIY forum, I asked if people were aware of a product that would be like a low-fat Soylent (by which I mean, vegan and low-glycemic, but with a higher proportion of complex carbs and a lower proportion of fat). This raised questions of why I would want such a thing, which I feel would be best discussed here. Mainly, I am aiming to replicate the diet that is known to be the most healthful – a whole-food plant-based diet (lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes). Such diets are naturally high in low-glycemic carbs, low in fat. Soylent does not match this macronutrient profile.

I’ve been reading about this for a couple of years; my recent post was sparked by the study http://www.nature.com/nutd/journal/v7/n3/full/nutd20173a.html, and colorfully reported in this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w38dtSezN78&feature=youtu.be

Just by virtue of eliminating animal fats and proteins and having a low-glycemic index, I think Soylent is likely a lot better than the average American’s dietary pattern, but I think there’s room for improvement.


Hi. The issue of users having more control over the macronutrient content has come up before. There could also be different versions made available. I don’t know why RL has shown no signs of offering this. Maybe they don’t want to be held responsible if someone uses it wrong and gets malnourished? Just a guess.


It’s logistically a nightmare and hyper expensive.


Exactly. I’d be happy if at some point in the future Soyent offered a few basic variations, (Low Fat, Keto, etc.), but for now it is what it is, and I’m very happy with it. It’s an amazing product, it’s nutritionally complete, there are enough flavors for those who like variety, and there are more flavors on the horizon. For people who want to go the DIY route in order to customize the macros or nutritional profile, recipes and advice are only a mouse click away.

Personally I am now adding nutritional supplements to my diet, but I’m still about 90% Soylent 2.0. It has helped me tremendously with my life and my health.


We are looking into that. and we do always spend some time each year looking at the feasibility of custom blends. The major issue with it is taste. It’s near impossible to maintain solid taste once you let people set their own ratios. The only middle ground is a system with guardrails. But that is basically not a custom blend, that’s just you picking a preset option under the guise of “custom”.