Low Fat Soylent?


I just think it would be great for people who want to eat cheeseburgers now and then if you could get Low Fat Soylent (take out some of the olive oil) so you could then control your fat intake with your normal meals.



Grab a DIY recipe and trim the fat as you need?


Isn’t this really the problem? Let’s say you want to have a cheeseburger or some pizza with some friends, but Rob’s formula of Soylent contains 60 grams of fat. So in order to make room for the cheeseburger’s 20 grams of fat, you would need to cut your Soylent intake by 1/3 bringing it down to 40 grams of fat so combined with the cheeseburger you’re back at a reasonable 60. But in cutting the Soylent to compensate for the greasy food, your not just cutting the fat in Soylent, you’re cutting everything else in Soylent by 1/3, including all of the other nutrients and vitamins in it that you need. You then would need to compensate for this by eating more normal food to make up for the 1/3 of nutrients you cut by diminishing your Soylent intake.

That’s the problem with Soylent being such a complete formula. As soon as you introduce a wild card meal, you need to cut Soylent to compensate for it, but then you’re in the process cutting all the other stuff you need as well. It’s just not flexible, unless you make your own recipe, which eliminates it’s potential for mass consumption and relegates it forever to the world of DIY bio-hacking.


You don’t NEED to make up for the other stuff you cut.
If you want perfect nutrition, sure, then you would need to - but in reality, eating a cheeseburger and leaving out one Soylent meal instead just brings you down to the level of nutrition that most of us had before Soylent. Until 2 months ago, I was getting maybe half the amount of potassium (as an example) I am getting now, for many many years.
That was still enough for me to survive, just not PERFECT. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply. I can’t wait to try it myself, honestly. Just a bit worried.

  1. Eating a cheeseburger on top of Soylent won’t harm you. Eat one, eat 20. You’ll feel sick but it’s not because of Soylent.

  2. If you’re mixing your own at home you can cut on anything by as much as you want.