Low start up cost for DIY soylent

Is there a recipe somewhere that doesn’t have such a large bulk start up cost but is still cheap and good? basically I don’t want to buy a meal replacement for 3 months worth if I won’t even like it. Jet.com seems like a good place to buy bulk items though because you can bundle items and the shipping is free right now until the 30th. let me know if you go on there and publish your shortlist so I know what to buy.

If the startup costs are to much then don’t buy the bulk versions of the ingredients. Nobody is forcing you to buy in bulk.

soylent Green (bulk orders)
soylent Blue (non-bulk orders)

Super Body Fuel (former Custom Body Fuel) is basically a DIY guy who also makes his product available on a pre-mixed basis. He used to offer a sampler pack of about 8 different DIY formulations – the formulas for all of which were available on the Soylent DIY site. I tried them, really disliked most of them (too sweet for me and unapplealing consistency). But I really liked his low-cost, milk-based Schmilk formulation and so after trying it was able to more confidently order the bulk items needed to make it myself. Don’t know if the sampler pack is still available, but the whole operation seems small enough and friendly enough that you might be able to get one anyway.

Right but most of the ingredients automatically come in bulk like the chloline, phosphates or the potassium for example

Yes and for those you buy the smallest package they offer. A 100g package of potassium citrate will be significantly cheaper than a 1kg package.

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Here is the recipe for plain Schmilk. (@axcho has also uploaded recipes for chocolate and for cinnamon Schmilk.)

Ready-mix (without the whole milk, which you add), he’s selling five days’ worth for $40, shipped; with quantity discounts. He’s not showing a sample pack on the new superbodyfuel.com site, but he’s only just started shipping from the new company, so possibly he’ll add that when he’s caught up.

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