Low Upfront Cost Recipe Help


Most of the recipe’s I’ve seen have an upfront cost of hundreds of dollars. I have a tendency not to stick with things, so that’s way to much for me to test it out. The only recipe I’ve seen with an upfront cost under $100 is @SuperRob’s SuperSoylent which is $77. If I drop the olive oil and coconut oil for canola oil which I already have and drop the vitamin C crystals for vitamin C tablets which I already have then I’m under $50, which is ideal for me to experiment with. I also added in some fish oil pills.

Here’s what I have so far; http://www.makesoylent.com/recipes/kore-s-supersoylent-2

The nutrient profile is the U.S. government DRI, male 19-50, 2000 calories, but I modified the calories, carbs, protein, and fat based on the Nutrient Profile Calculator. I need to increase the calories and carbs, without increasing fat, iron, manganese, or phosphorous. I’m really close to the max of manganese and already over on phosphorous. If someone could suggest a way to fix this without adding too much to the upfront cost then I’d be very grateful.


You’ll also want to add a source of choline.

I’m sorry I can’t help, if this were laid out like my spreadsheets then I might be able to do some quick changes and see what happens but I’m not familiar with the MakeSoylent web app.


Yeah, there are a few things it’s low on, most notably Choline. I get some of that from the soy lecithin, but not nearly enough. Phosphorus I looked into, and the minor amount that I’m over isn’t a problem.

For you @KoreRekon, you could add another source of protein that isn’t fortified with vitamins like the Trader Joes. It’ll cost you a bit more, but it will allow you to increase calories with protein without screwing up the rest of the nutrient profile.

Be careful messing around with the oils. You’re getting some of your Vitamin K from the olive oil, and I already lowered that a LOT from the original recipe. I’m not sure how much Vitamin K is in canola oil.

You may want to consider going and checking out the Hackerschool Soylent, which is what I based mine on. You’d probably be better going from his than mine, so you’re starting with as good a source as possible.


@SuperRob, While trying to figure out what kind of olive oil has Vitamin K I realized the Nutrition Facts don’t give all of the information. The only place I’ve seen extended nutrition information is http://nutritiondata.self.com. Where did you find the extended info for Bob’s Red Mill Oat Flour Whole Grain, or did you use NutritionData’s Oat flour, partially debranned?


Someone emailed Bob’s, and they responded with a complete nutrition datasheet.


Yeah, I just used whatever was in MakeSoylent.com if it seemed complete enough. When I noticed errors in my profile, that’s when I noticed someone had entered some ingredients poorly (slipped a decimal point or two). Once I sorted those out, it was good. Bob’s Red Mill has several products in their ingredient database.


Most of the time you can find more complete nutrient profiles with a simple google search. That doesn’t give you the nutrients of the exact product you’re holding in your hand, but it is better than nothing.
For example: vitamin K. It’s quite a nice source, this one, actually :slight_smile: