Lower-Calorie DIY Basic v3 Genetically-Optimized recipe looking for more testers!



Hey guys, I’ve been working on this recipe for a while and am pretty happy with it. I just tested v2.3 and adjusted to add about 50% more oat flour and reduce the cocoa and salt, in order to adjust macros and taste. I have used the Soylent genetic algorithms page (http://2potatoes.github.io/genetic-soylent/?recipe=lowercalorie-diy-basic-v3-geneticized) to optimize micronutrients and some other balance. That tool is totally awesome and I highly recommend putting your own details in there and optimizing for your own needs, especially macronutrients. My macros are currently aiming for an 1800 calorie recipe at 30/20/50 for protein/fat/carbs.

I was able to source most of this via large supermarkets (Central Market, HEB) here in Austin, TX. A local homebrew supply store had the maltodextrin and Walmart, of course, carries the Equate brand multi-vitamin.

The Omega-6, Iodine and Sulfur should all be fine assuming you don’t consume this mix exclusively (there’s plenty of these–probably too much–in the standard American diet).

1.85 ml of salt ~= 3/8 teaspoon.
3.48 ml of salt substitute = just slightly over 2/3 teaspoon.


If you don’t want people to consume this mix exclusively, why is it so close to 2000 calories? Have you figured out the correct non-soylent foodstuffs to reach the iodine, omega-6, and sulfur requirements while not going hypocaloric?