Lower carbohydrate formulas; better, more consistent energy for some?


So for some this won’t really be an issue or a new topic, but I didn’t really see a centralized discussion for people exploring an explicitly lower-carb formula.

I’ve been on my own version for over two months now, easily compensating for over 80% of my meals. This past week I had a failed attempt at trying a ketogenic mix, which (not wanting to waste a batch), resulted in creating a low-carb variant of my existing formula (~60-70% of the RDA for a male 2k calorie diet).

Surprisingly, I felt like my energy throughout the day was much more consistent. Though I initially chalked it up to an increase in physical fitness and upping the choline in the mix, the realization of the effect was exacerbated when I switched back to my regular formula with a closer to 100% RDA for carbs, where I then experienced more inconsistencies in energy.

Any others that have found they work better with a lower-carb mix?


I started directly with a ketogenic soylent. Since day 1 I could feel a difference in energy, like a steady, constant source of energy.

I do crossfit, and I thought that the ketogenic soylent would impact negatively on my results. A few months ago I started eating slow-carb and in the first two weeks my performance dropped quite a lot. I would get dizzy right away (first two minutes of the workout), I lost strength (went from deadlifting 150kg directly to not being able to deadlift more than 120kg) But instead, whilst living completely off soylent (100% of the time) my performance went better.