Loyalty Program going away at end of July

Just got this email. didn’t even realize I had these point until last week.
I was able to order a case of Chocolate powder and a case of Stacked for free and I think I still have some points left. Need to use them up by the end of the month.

Dear Soylenteer,

We are retiring our Loyalty Program to make room for some new and exciting changes! Use your points now before they’re gone for good.*

How to Redeem Your Points

Step 1: Log In to Your Soylent Account
Step 2: Click “My Rewards/Referrals”
Step 3: View Your Points & Click “Redeem Now”

Have you tried our new Ready-to-Drink Banana or Creamy Chocolate flavors yet? A great way to use your points.

Thanks for understanding,
Soylent Team

*Soylent Loyalty Program points expire 7/31/2020. Redeem points with any purchase before 7/31/2020 at 11:59 PM PST.

EDIT: so I went on my account and I thought I had some points left but now it says zero. When I click the link for ‘Rewards History’ it’s a dead link now even though I ordered with my points last week. I wonder if it’s a site glitch or they just wiped out all points?

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We’ve been loyal to the point of continually buying Soylent without a single break since the original crowdfund. Have exactly zero points. LOL Whatever.

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I must be lucky. I still have $36.08 in points. Can only use $15 at a time so a little late for me. :frowning:

No, this is confusing but you can redeem more than $15… I messed this up trying to use points this morning.

The default splash screen gives options for converting points to $5, $10 and $15 coupons.

But if you ignore that and just order something you can apply points at checkout. OR you can apply a previously converted coupon. Not both.

So I applied points to get a free box of creamy chocolate then used two of the $15 coupons (I had clicked on earlier) to make two more small orders…

Somewhere on the dashboard you can show points and redeemable coupon codes (if you happen to lose the code before copying it)…

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I’d send them an email to check because when I go on the site it says I have zero points but then I sent them an email because the ‘rewards history’ button on the web page doesn’t work anymore and in there reply they told me I still have a few points. When I go to checkout the option to redeem points doesn’t even show up.

So I think after telling everyone to use their points before the end of the month they messed up the web page so it looks like everyone has zero points.

I realized I had points a few weeks ago when after a long delay they sent me a 10% coupon. When I went to use it I realized I had about 4700 points. enough to get a case of chocolate powder and a case of Stacked for free.

I don’t know if they are deliberately trying to hide points from people so they can’t use them before the deadline or if it’s just a screw-up with the site developers turning the points option off too soon.

I was on yesterday and sometimes it said no points but sometimes it did list my points, so go off the part of the site and then go back on and I bet you’ll eventually see your points.

When I did see my points, right below that I could click “Redeem now” to use them, except you need 250 points for them to be used and I’m not close to that (since I redeemed my points when I bought Bucket recently) so I’ll let my few points expire at the end of the month.