Lumpy Soylent 2.0


So over the past week I have been having some weird experiences with Soylent. Every once in a while i will get a bottle that is lumpy like has clumps in it of some sort it is more frothy and airy than normal and it is just all around weird. I usually just chug 2.0 when I’m drinking soylent so there is really no way to try and weed out the clumpy bottles and filter out the liquid to get a look at the clumps but I am a tad bit concerned. At first I thought it might be bits of soylent that had frozen because my fridge was too cold so I shrugged it off and paid no attention to it. However, I just had another bottle that was luke warm because I had left it sitting out for a few minutes and this one was clumpy as well. So, I figured maybe it was time to post about it. Really the only reason I am concerned is because I remember watching the motherboard documentary where the person found mold in their soylent powder. If anyone has experienced something similar please let me know and also tell me what you think because honestly, I don’t know what to think about all of this.


TLDR; I’ve noticed it and wouldn’t worry about it.

I’ve noticed it pretty regularly with 2.0 lately. Strange enough I hadn’t noticed it before the last couple of weeks, and all the 2.0 I’ve been eating is from the same batch (144 bottles) I received a few months ago, so it’s not like the difference is from a new shipment.

It seemed to me that it may just be bits of powder, though for me they are tiny (maybe 1/16"-1/8") and seem flat, nothing large that I’ve found. It was starting to bug me a little so when a chunk hit my tongue a couple days ago I grabbed it before it could dissolve, sure enough it just looked like a bit of powder that hadn’t dissolved fully, same color as the drink, and when I stuck it back on my tongue it tasted like I would expect the powder to taste.

I did get a new supply in this week with the matte plastic covers, so I’m curious to see if I still find the chunks, but I’ve got some more of the last batch to work through before I get much into those. I did try one today though and will say I can definitely taste the difference in the new batch I had heard others mention. For me it tastes the same to start, but then has an aftertaste that is reminiscent of batter that the last batch didn’t have.

The Vice article you mentioned is way out of date and has no relevance to their current situation, that was when they were mixing by hand for themselves and a few testers without any real facilities.

They have had recent mold issues when 2.0 has spilt on the outside of the bottles before they’re sealed and small bits of mold grow on the threads, sometimes making its way into the bottle, but usually staying on the outside. It’s rare, and very noticeable, and if you happen to get a bottle with mold let them know and they will take good care of you. I’ve had one in the last 150 or so bottles I’ve opened, some say they’ve gone through hundreds without ever having an issue. The next production run is supposed to have new foil seals under the cap which should eliminate any mold going forward.


You could maybe not chug the Soylent that has lumps in it, and then examine it later?


I haven’t encountered floating lumps, but there were two bottles in my last box of 2.0 which had gunk stuck on the bottom(inside) after I had finished. I messed with it using a chopstick and it appeared to be unmixed powder in both cases. Didn’t notice any difference in the taste/texture of the liquid I drank from those bottles. They’re matte bottles, so they were produced after the mold problem was addressed.


I have had the same experience with a number of bottles on a previous order. I wouldn’t notice the chunks until the I’d almost finished a bottle. The Soylent smelled and looked normal, and I didn’t feel unwell after drinking. I just assumed that Soylent settled and possibly separated prior to reaching me. I have not noticed this on my latest shipment.


I have been consuming 2.0 since it became available and have found several instances of mold around the threads with some mold inside the lid. Today, 2/8, I found mold on my first (lunch) bottle on the threads and inside the cap. I opened my afternoon bottle and there wasn’t any mold on the threads but there was a lump of mold inside the lid. Prior to today if I didn’t find any mold on the threads I just screwed the cap back on, gave it a good shake and chugged away. Now it seems, I must also look inside the lid as well, even if there is no mold on the threads. While I haven’t gotten sick, there certainly is an “ick” factor with potentially consuming “hidden” mold.


Regaurding the mold you found that was only inside the the lid: was it dark or light colored (black, or Soylent colored)?

Often there seems to be a thick bit of Soylent on the cap, so if it’s the same color as the liquid you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, but if its black I wouldn’t drink it.

If you are getting the black stuff you should report it to customer support with batch numbers and photos.


When was the bottle with the mold produced? What seal type did it have (old shiny wrapper, new matte wrapper, foil seal)?


It was not just a ball of unmixed soylent as there was black mold mixed in. This is my third mold report so yes, I took pictures and reported it to Rosa


It was from the first gen shiny bottle batch. see manufacturing info below:

AUG 09 16 10:05
5219P7FPA 12X14OZ

And, if i’m not mistaken it came from a replacement batch Rosa sent for mold I reported from this batch:

AUG 07 16 20:17
5219P7FPA 12X14OZ