Lutein and Zeaxanthin in Soylent


Are these 2 chemicals present in Soylent?

Found this article:


Not in soylent. I agree that those are certainly something to consider for soylent.


@rob @JulioMiles - something to keep in mind for Soylent 1.1 :wink:


Or maybe not. Do we have any more sources?


Found this paper:

and this:

Only the abstract is available though…

This MIGHT be important - from what I am understanding, if exclusive soylent users are prone to macular degeneration and are not intaking these 2, they might increase their risk


That seems like a pretty narrow group. Why don’t we let people prone to macular degeneration take supplements themselves instead of forcing them on the whole Soylent population?


The one person i’ve known who suffered from macular degeneration did not know of any family history and went from not knowing to functionaly blind in a matter of months (i’ve been told the speed of her loss was unusal). I don’t know about you, but if two simple minerals could prevent that for even one person (without causing harm to others), then they’re pretty important in my book!

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