Lymph node swelling?

I’ve been using a DIY Soylent recipe for almost a week now and for the last 3 days or so my lymph nodes have been getting quite swollen and then returning to normal in a cycle.
My immune system is pretty top notch ordinarily so this seems odd, the cycling of swelling makes me think it could be somehow related to my Soylent.

It’s probably nothing but I’m just wondering if anyone has had something similar or if there could be a vitamin/mineral responsible. A quick google doesn’t show much but the community here has a lot more knowledge than I do.
The other possibilities are that it’s a particularly bad sickness I’m warding off or I’ve become allergic to something.

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First and foremost, stop Soylent. If the swelling persists, go to the doctor. If not, replace that recipe.

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Don’t have permission to view your google doc. Use for diy recipes.

Sometimes happens. I have increased lymph nodes on my neck after trauma. You aren’t engaged in any physical activities?

There’s any number of non-Soylent possibilities to the swelling, hayfever, colds, allergy, assorted cuts and scratches for example.
If I thought for a moment the Soylent was really harming me in any way I’d stop immediately, I’m mostly just curious if I’ve missed something.

Also, I just realised I’d left out the cod liver oil from what I’ve been making. Omega 3 imbalance?

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@Frankz Changed the settings, should be visible now
@danxn no trauma inducing physical activities, I’m mostly sedentary

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What cycle, how often, how long? Always the same length of time after you last had soylent?

Stop soylent for a week or 2, see if the swelling stops. Then start back, see if swelling starts back, then you’ll know it is something in the soylent doing it.

Sometimes when I wake up they’re a bit swollen, fine during the day and then they swell again in the late evening. It might even be linked to my sleep cycle although I’m not sure how they could be connected.
I haven’t been eating solely Soylent and my portions aren’t measured out meal to meal, I just have a glass or two whenever I feel hungry so it’s hard to estimate timing. Tomorrow is probably my first full dose, 100% day of Soylent.

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Ok. Nervous overstrain (urgent responsible hard task)? Our organism sometimes rather sharply reacts to changes in our psychological condition.

(IMO) Anyway just to be safe stop or decrease amount of Soylent for a while untill getting ok. Than try again.

Being optimistic, I’ve heard ideas that sudden adjustments in e.g. diet can cause ‘toxins’ to be rapidly released into the bloodstream from their previous storage in fat cells, producing short-term negative symptoms until you are rid of these ‘toxins’. Sounds a bit pseudosci to me, if anyone knows if there’s any real science in there it would be great to hear about it.

You had mentioned a possible lack of Omega-3. Though I cannot say this with certainty, this is probably not the reason. Otherwise, with the average Omega-3 intake, we would almost all have swollen lymph nodes. Like others recommended, you could try to run diagnostics on yourself. Perhaps stay on Soylent 2-3 more days. If it has not gone away, a break from Soylent might be in order. Like you said, there’s a good chance it is only a coincidence. Best of luck.

I agree with @ruipacheco. Just stop soylent and see if the swelling stops. It may be coincidental, but you should be careful in case it’s not.

If it IS due to soylent, my guess is that there’s an underlying health problem you’ve had all along and something in the soylent is triggering it, so going to a doctor seems like a good idea either way.

I am a soylent 2.0 user and I have same problem, i.e. I got nodes on my cheek after I started this products.
I doubt if soylent 2.0 is the cause and get more suspicious after seeing your posts.
Is your sympton relieved after you stopped using soylent?

Go see a doctor.