Ma 1.4 is being delivered today. Been looking at the different threads


I’m curious if anyone prefers 1.4 over any previous versions, and if so…Why?


Some people definitely have…


As a friendly reminder, it’s generally suggested that users try to check the discourse for similar topics before posting questions. In many cases, if you find a a thread that addresses the topic you’re interested in, you’ll find better discussion potential. Obviously this doesn’t really apply if the only existing threads are old, but in this case there are plenty of lively discussions going around on the subject – @vanclute has helpfully linked to one just above :wink:

I’ll set this topic to age out in a day if it doesn’t generate replies, just in the sake of tying up loose threads (ha. pun.)


Wait a minute…it seems like another one of them jokes from muggle. It better be muggle, it makes more sense that way.


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