Ma Cat - All hopped up on Soylent


So I leave a glass on the table for less than 2 mins while I answer the door…Cat has it’s head half stuck about to spill the glass when I get back to the table.

So figure at best it was able to drink very quickly from a restricted position. At worst, it got zip.

But for the next 4 hours she acted like she had way too much Go juice or od’d on catnip because she was as playful and energetic as a kit-en…

Def not a 14 y/o cat who usually only plays when she must.

Things that make you go hummmm…

What If You Had Other Equally Positive, Equally Easy Meal Options?

If I had to guess, this is probably less about the Soylent and more about all of that maltodextrin. I know my cats go crazy given enough sugar… Or the smell could do it, too.


I gave my cat a little DIY soylent and it threw up about 15 minutes later. I’m not sure if that was directly from the soylent or not. He had thrown up a couple of time earlier in the week which isn’t like him. I don’t think I gave him enough to do anything though.

He does love my DIY and I let him like it off my finger. I’ve never really thought about giving him any substantial amount. I doubt I will ever give him much more than that.