Macronutrient calculator

I made this super-simple program to calculate macronutrient ratios based on grams of each:

You enter into it the grams of each macronutrient from the nutrition label of some food, and it calculates the macronutrient ratio for that food.

To use it you will have to know how to run a shell script.

The calorie math I am using is fat9, protein4, carb*4 – is there anything more accurate I should be doing?

All feedback and feature requests are welcome!

0.64-0.82g of protein per pound of lean body mass. Daily. (depending on fitness status/goals)

Thanks @DarkbyDarkWest – but I just realized I totally failed at explaining what the program does. I just added a line to my post above: β€œYou enter into it…”

Tagging @MentalNomad, as he seems to good at both nutrition based stuff and software based stuff from what i gathered. Mental nomad, i know its the weekend so dont get upset at me for bothering you. Chip in whenever you have the time :smile:

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