Mainstream Media: low fat/high carb bad?


I saw this article on CNN, where Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks about how two studies in the 1970s were linked when they should not have been. This lead to a generation of “low fat will reduce weight and cholesterol” diets which did not really change the obesity, diabetes, and heart disease epidemic.

Interesting reading, because mainstream media is finally coming around to what a lot of us already knew based on “fringe” scientific evidence that did not back up the USDA’s government/lobbyist-approved message.

Why sugar is worse than fat

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Also if you think about it, we have thousands of years of adaption to consuming fat but what only hundreds of years to sugar?? And that too not even this much quantity until the 50s and 60s. I too felt that sugar/sweetners are more dangerous in terms of obesity than fat is. And a few weeks back i came across sugar’s role in AGEs. Sugars are also more inflammatory than most kinds of fat, except trans i suppose.

By saying this i am not implying that people should gorge on fat. Its better to stick to the recommended amounts of that too. Not more.