Maintaining civility in the face of disagreement


Continuing the discussion from Crowdfunding backers screwed:

I’ll take the lead on starting the new topic. I unfortunately agree that I allowed my attempt at keeping the thread on topic to then derail the topic. Still questioning whether the effects are still being felt… that being said, I think some aspects of our conversation are useful to discuss outside the parent thread.

And before anything gets started, I’d like to apologize to @grumm as, looking back, I was not as courteous as I ought to have been. That was inappropriate of me, and I apologize.

@Tesseract Thanks for the hard work. Could you please transfer the relevant posts to this thread?

To everyone else… perhaps instead of declaring “the one true way” I should instead pose my thoughts as a suggestion. I have been noticing that while the majority of the forums are perfectly civil, whenever someone starts a topic to express their frustration with Rosa Labs in regards to their process, it tends to result in a flame war which helps nobody.

So community, how can we maintain civility and still discuss sensitive topics such as shipping order, delays, etc, without the thread turning degenerate?


My personal opinion is that we do our best to maintain civility even in the face of incivility (an aspect I obviously still need to work on) and avoid responding to those who show no interest in contributing productively.


Can I please request that the participants in this thread avoid rehashing already covered subjects? Its rather pointless for both sides to keep going in circles repeating the same point over and over again.

To those who feel upset about the current shipping order, I’d like to remind you that endless circles of repeated points was one of the factors that could shut down a thread. So it is in your best interest to avoid responding to those who are not contributing to the discussion.

To those who are upset about people being upset, I would like to remind you that if are not providing constructive responses, all you are doing is giving the community a bad name, which may reflect poorly on Soylent itself.

Finally, as I’m noticing some repeat offenders in this thread, I’d like to warn in advance that I will be flagging all posts from this point on that either a) include unprovoked insults or personal attacks or b) do not contribute anything meaningful to the discussion at hand. Remember this this is a forum is for the purpose of facilitating discussion.


Flagged your post for being off the topic of “Crowdfunding backers screwed.” Eyes on the ball man! Why threaten people with ‘flagging’ for not bringing anything ‘meaningful to the discussion’ when you don’t either?

This whole discourse is a joke anymore. They promote ‘moderators’, sticky a post at the top declaring people moderators, yet people still jump in here trying to do their job for them. Not only is Rosa Labs completely incompetent at deploying their product successfully, they’re incompetent at finding people to communicate and moderate their consumer-driven community.

The intent upon the creation of this thread was caustic. People want to vent. Previously, threads like this were moderated very closely, things flagged instantly, removed, closed, moved, redirected back to the official shipping thread. This is a mixed case of Rosa Labs doesn’t give a crap anymore, not wanting to waste the energy to try to disperse the displeasure of their poor performance and just hoping that eventually this will blow over.

If Soylent has long time customers after this, when competitors jump into the scene with similar products, I’ll be surprised.


[quote=“CptCoy, post:220, topic:14812, full:true”]So you originally came into a thread titled

“Crowdfunding backers screwed” to post about your unrelated off-topic experience involving your free soylent and subsequent shipping information.

then you have the audacity to post comments like

“I wish my life was so perfect that this was what had me in a huff”

which other than just sounding like a complete knee-biter, was also an easy statement to make coming from someone who is soon to receive or has already received their free soylent.

Every comment you make starts or ends with some snide comment or contains so many shifting goalposts it’s tiring just to try to communicate.

C’est la vie
throw that in with “common sense” and all the others, you might be one of the least original snarky keyboard warriors I have encountered in a long while. It also, like every thing else, makes you sound like a total knee-biter.

lollll, love how this gets hidden


Gonna split my comment into two. I think using the word feckless is going to get it censored (lol did I really just use the C word on an internet food forum). Love the gag order forum politics

"lollll, love how this gets hidden when it is a completely factual account of jahh tooling out because he entered this thread and gets flummoxed when his experience is different from everyone else’s. Which is shocking considering he got his soylent through a different channel to everyone elses.

this debacle is the gift that keeps giving. Both company and acolytes are just so wonderfully feckless."


Haven’t you heard? The more posts you flag, and the more you defend Soylents good name, the more free Soylent you earn, to be shipped immediately via FedEx Priority.

This is the secret everyone else has been using to get their product, you need to get started if you want to see your money’s worth sometime this year.


Well you and I have very different versions for what “this kind of thing” refers to, I think. Which is probably part of the problem. Referring to blatant homerism, awful logic, as a totally jaundiced point of view as tooling out is, frankly, absurd.

But let me guess, Tess, you sure you aren’t descended from British Aristocrats? Heaven forbid using colloquial, lightweight descriptors instead of the Queen’s English.

And you are seriously are taking issue with keyboard warrior? really? Cmon. You can’t take the soul out of communication the way you can with food.

There is a tone-deafness that runs up and down this entire organization (and I’m reflecting that with my equally tone-deaf aggressiveness it towing the communications line). It’s bewildering b/c I got my money in it, but sociologically fascinating at the same time.


“This kind of thing” doesn’t refer to the terms people are using. It refers to the fact that they’re attacking the person, rather than contributing in a meaningful way to the conversation. Plus, it encourages an arms race where each successive post descends into a fight between two people rather than anything related to the topic.

“Tooling out” and “keyboard warrior” aren’t offensive on their own. It’s why it’s difficult to sift out posts - I’m not considering their syntactical offense, but whether they’re pointed enough to spark another fire. Usually I give the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes that’s the wrong choice because I wake up the next morning to 10 new flags in the subsequent flame war.

Edit: more clarification - I’m not personally saying whether “I think” you’re right or wrong. That’s not what I’m here for, and I’m making all attempts to stay unbiased. I’m trying to keep the forum agreeable for its users as a whole, and describing my rationale is a part of that.


In regards to making a thread for specific complaints, I did so several times, for different criticisms. Each was deleted and redirected here because it was generally regarding the topic of shipping.

This is why I use the term containment thread. Because we were corralled here, and every other thread was flagged and hidden by the same people who come in here and do the same thing.

The problem with the flags is the people making them and the attitude they bring with them, not the posts they are flagging.

As for knee biter, I really thought that was pretty tame and is more of a referance to a favorite book than an out and out insult.


You’re welcome to be as colloquial as you’d like, so long as you’re not personally attacking another member of the community.


Describing a change in posting style which results in posts containing awful rationale, with a lightweight phrase, is not attacking anyone. It’s attacking a set of thoughts, which up until then from had been cogent. Then bam a wall of drivel out of nowhere. Calling a person a tool, is not the same as describing a wall of text as tooling out. One involves ascribing a judgement about a body’s personhood, and the other does not.

But nah, the Comms Head and his people shouldn’t be expected to parse English to such a degree. In fact, why is that what we are doing here?

Again, contain, diminish, marginalize, go heavy on PR, and obfuscate anything not PR approved. That’s the modality for a burgeoning enterprise that isn’t executing currently, and hasn’t in the intermediate past, either.

But yeah, isinterpreting a posting descriptor as an ad hominem attack. That’s the issue of this thread. Right. So let’s keep going that route, shall we?

So what was it you were saying Julio about the pluperfect subjunctive tense?


For one, I respectfully posit that perhaps you have your browser tabs mixed up – from context, it sounds like you’re referring to this topic, not the current one on crowdfunding.

Second, if you’d like to make a topic dedicated to critical feedback in general (as opposed to a specific shipping issue), I think that would be helpful to the forum – and coming from a “regular” forum member rather than a moderator, it might be seen less as a “containment thread”. As long as you make your original post in a thought-out and generally constructive way, I’ll make sure it doesn’t get closed :smiley:

As far as “knee-biter”, see my earlier post – it wasn’t the term, it was the way it could be taken, combined with “you are the least original keyboard warrior” and a number of flags.

Back on the more on-topic subject, I really don’t want to close this topic, as there have been a number of posts back on the topic of crowdfunding re: this product. That being said, It’s pretty clear that a criticism topic is sorely needed – either by @CptCoy if he wants to take point or more officially by a mod. Let’s get that going in its own topic, so this one can focus back in on crowdfunding-specific issues.


As a note, I’m working on unhiding the posts moved over to this thread – there seems to be a minor hiccup in Discourse, hopefully it will be resolved pretty soon.



In other news, the tone of discussion has radically improved in the parent thread. O_O Which is awesome.


yeah they talk about soda now.


By the way, what was the reply you wanted to send to me earlier? If you still want to say it, I’ll answer.


who knows. I deleted it when I saw every other response being deleted.

Im sure it boiled down to something simple yet elusive like “backers first”