Major gas/bloating from Soylent 2.0


This will come as a surprise to some, but we have recently begun adding the bottled Soylents (except for Nectar which we find wholly unappealing) to our diet.

Cacao and Coffiest both had no negative issues whatsoever, but my other half has now had 2 bottles of “plain” 2.0 and both times had nearly immediate (within 10 minutes) and very painful gas (the bloating kind, not the farting kind). She has to take some over-the-counter gas pills right away to mitigate it. I have not yet tried the plain 2.0 so I can’t speak to my own experience.

This is really a shame as otherwise, she likes everything about the 2.0 (texture, flavor, etc.). However it behaves pretty much just as if she were to eat popcorn (which 2.0 also smells just like - and tastes like too according to her) she would have to take digestive enzymes first or suffer a similar reaction. Perhaps it’s got some corn base that is the trouble here?

Very bummed about this since we know we will eventually run out of 1.3 and so have been getting proactive on transitioning to something current. The convenience of the bottles is unbeatable but having to take enzymes with it every time she has any, definitely reduces that (not to mention increases the net cost).

Anyone else have such issues with 2.0? From my brief forum searching it seemed like the opposite was true, that 2.0 was generally an improvement in this area if anything.


This brings a bunch of questions to mind…

Why does plain 2.0 cause bloating but not cacao?
What % of your calories has been 1.3?
Perhaps the gut biom takes some adjusting after different versions of Soylent?
I’m getting gas for the first time now with 1.8… Nothing crazy, but certainly noticeable… No problems with 1.3-1.7 or 2.0.

And just off the general topic, did you supplement the long expired 1.3 with any vitamins?


Good questions…

Why does plain 2.0 cause bloating but not cacao?
No idea… coffiest also has had no issues at all.

What % of your calories has been 1.3?
Varies from day to day but anywhere from 50% to 80% since day 1 of Soylent shipping a product (1.0)

Perhaps the gut biom takes some adjusting after different versions of Soylent?
Yeah I suppose that could be true, though powder Soylent, even 1.3, has also given her some gas issues all along. Just nowhere near as consistently or predictably (or intensely) as 2.0.

And just off the general topic, did you supplement the long expired 1.3 with any vitamins?
On the occasions when the gas would hit her on earlier versions, she would also have to take a gas pill (or remember to take enzymes beforehand). But otherwise, no soylent-specific supplementation. Haven’t had any obvious issues related to expiration dates fortunately.


As a followup, we have canceled our subscription to Soylent 2.0 (“regular” flavor). My partner has now had 6 bottles of the stuff at different times of day, with and without taking beano first. In almost all cases, there was extremely painful gas/bloating. Strangely once without beano, there was no issue at all. But every other time it was there. Without beano it was debilitating and onset within minutes. With beano it was just extremely uncomfortable and onset within 30 minutes. I suppose we could have experimented with a significant increase in the beano dosage, but having to take it every single time goes against the primary reason for consuming Soylent in the first place, so that’s not an acceptable solution.

For reasons I can’t explain, both Cacao and Coffiest flavors have no issues at all. No beano required, they’re just fine. Also for equally unknown reasons, even Soylent 1.3 gives her problems sometimes, though quite infrequently and exclusively at night (post 7PM). Go figure. It’s infrequent enough that she’s still willing to drink 1.3, but just makes sure to have gas pills handy at night.

This is a definite bummer as we were really optimistic when Cacao and Coffiest were both acceptably digestible, but such is life. Fingers crossed for a near-future version that better addresses her problems with “plain” 2.0…

Oh side note, when she reacts badly to 2.0, it’s very much how she reacts sometimes when consuming popcorn (or anything corn-based), as she generally needs to take beano or other digestive enzymes before consuming corn. And 2.0 smells/tastes like popcorn too… coincidence?


The maltodextrin might be corn-derived?


So, this seems very strange to me because a few minutes would not be enough time for the Soylent to make its way to the lower digestive tract and for the bacteria to convert its ingredients into gas. Right? I’m no physiology expert but I would think that’s the case. So I wonder what mechanism could cause that kind of response. Maybe it’s something analogous to the hypothesized mechanism where coffee makes some people quickly have to poop after drinking by promoting the release of gastrin?


I’m guessing it’s a nocebo effect.


Yes, this could be some kind of stress reaction due to the smell or taste?


May want to consider taking a probiotic…gas x and the such as temporary…probiotics pack true bacteria to help the body “process” the likely larger “dose” of fiber, fat, and protein you’re consuming within a time period…resulting in the gas influx…I noticed the same thing, though not as bad as you outline here…maybe one or two belches, that’s it. I take just a generic version of “Align” from walmart, over the counter…typically dose it 20-30 minutes before my Soylent and just take it with water.

My first stab at Soylent was Coffiest and didn’t really notice it too bad. But it’s there…gotta realize though, chewing food helps engage the saliva and such to produce enzymes, now we are just dumping this creamy goodness down our gullet and our body kind of goes “WTF” lol…


[quote=“ahoier, post:9, topic:27091”]May want to consider taking a probiotic.[/quote]“Or a big fat placebo. It’s all the same crap!”


Sorry for the late reply… This is exactly the issue I’m having with 2.0. The ‘regular’ formula causes major GI distress within minutes, but the Coffiest doesn’t.

I have been through a few cases of Coffiest and tried bottles of 2.0 from 4 or 5 different cases (different lots for at least 3 of them), and reproduced the issue every time. It usually stops hurting within about 20 minutes for me, and leaves me feeling full for an hour or two, so I’m still consuming it 1/3 of a bottle at a time. The whole bottle at once practically doubles me over. I might have to try supplementing with something to see if it helps me.

I haven’t tried the nectar because it sounds gross, and I haven’t got around to the cacao yet.

v1.8 also causes some very minor discomfort that passes in a few minutes, where 1.5 did not cause any issue and made me feel more full.

I get about 3/4+ of my calories from Soylent five days a week, and don’t consume it the other two. Of that about half is premix, the rest is from powder.


Hmmm that’s very interesting @LRTrekkie, thanks for sharing! Definitely does sound like exactly the same issue. Really unfortunate too since otherwise she really liked 2.0 and it’s so absurdly convenient. Plus once you factor in the 15% Amazon discount, it’s only like a few cents more expensive per bottle. Way worth it to never have those “Oh crap we used up the Soylent and haven’t made more yet!” moments. Not to mention portability.

Wish we knew what caused this, enzymes and the like don’t seem to make much difference unlike how they help her with conventional food. She’s now also tried Cafe Vanilla and it also causes no issues (though she’s not thrilled with the flavor and we won’t likely buy it again). For whatever reason, it’s only original flavor that is a problem. So weird.


@vanclute, have you emailed soylent support about this issue?


No actually I didn’t even consider it since it doesn’t seem to be any sort of widespread issue, there wouldn’t be anything they could do about it (alter the formula etc.) I suppose there’s no harm in it, but then I know they also read these forums so I’m assuming they’ve seen the issue from those who have posted about it.


This is pretty interesting because I’ve been having the bloating too, though not as severe, and that sinking feeling when the innards start to gurgle and a trip to the bathroom becomes mandatory. This is also from the 2.0 (I have never tried the powder or any of the other liquid products). I hadn’t thought to really research what was causing this problem, as it just comes and goes and I thought it was stress related. Plus the times I drink it are basically when I don’t have time for lunch and have to consume some calories, and so yeah, stress. Now that I’m reading these remarks though, I have also decided to cancel my subscription, after about a year and a half. Yes, I’m going to try increasing my soluble fiber intake as well, but man, I just can’t keep going like this. I actually hope the cause is elsewhere, as it’s so damned convenient to be able to down a bottle of 2.0 and get 400 calories and not miss a beat. But… maybe the lesson is we should just eat food (see


I can’t take any discussions of problems of any kind seriously with Soylent unless the discussion includes a mention of what else is being consumed besides Soylent.


I’ve found that probiotics work too. The kind you use, you say it’s from Walmart, do you take a probiotic before every time you drink Soylent? Or just once a day? I was told to take it once a day, I just bought a brand off Amazon that someone on Reddit suggested. So do you take it once a day? Or more? I’m curious, as I’m about to buy some more probiotics as I’m running out, I just want to be informed. Thanks.


I find that I get really bad bloating if I have had more than 2 consecutive days with Soylent, I’ve never thought about taking a probiotic with it! I should give that a shot when I am having a “soylent day”. Quick question, what would you recommend I could take to reduce the bloating while it is happening? The OP stated that she took over the counter gas pills to help rid of the gas. I have never taken gas pills before, so this is new territory for me! So glad that this thread exists, because I felt bad that this was happening to me too!