Make Soylent more filling?


I would love to go 100% Soylent, or even 85%! I’ve tried many times but haven’t been successful.

I think it has to do with the fact that even though it gets rid of actual hunger I never feel full, and even though I wish I didn’t need that feeling I think right now I do.

So what can I do to make Soylent 1.0 more filling, but still maintain the convenience factor?


Quick fixes: Chewing gum, eat some nuts, add protein powder.


Casein protein powder


I recall discussions of a fairly normal transition period to a non-solid diet as well, where your stomach shrinks and you will eventually feel full, more quickly. Maybe your body hasn’t quite had enough time to adjust in this way? For myself, I definitely feel full a lot faster now when we go out to eat. I usually just eat half my meal now and save the other half for later.


I’m with @vanclute on this. I’m noticing this more and more. I feel satiated with far less.

To get my salt fix I am having seaweed snacks and I don’t feel hungry at all.