MakeSoylent is now


Hey guys,

We are really excited to announce that @nickp’s is now Nick approached us a few weeks ago about the possibility of a partnership, and we jumped at the opportunity to more fully embrace the DIY soylent community. For more information, check out our blogpost about it – and let us know what you think here!

Many thanks to @nickp and all of you who have made an ever-more valuable resource for the community!


We need something like a minimum viable recipe.

Right now people are throwing all sorts of concoctions at the recipe list and that could be trouble.


Er… I can’t seem to log in anymore?


I just finally assembled real-life bachelor chow, too. =(


Super exciting. I was adjusting my recipe when the site died, and what a surprise to refresh and see that it was part of the legit soylent site!


I saw this coming from MIIIILLLLEEESS away. Just sayin’. I was pretty sure his entire intent was to capitalize on the sudden popularity of Soylent and the need for an easy DIY creation system from the beginning. Be prepared for adverts lol.


It needs better recipe organization so that it wont matter what POS recipes new Soylenters create.


Smart move to pull in such a popular community tool, kudos!

We need a good way to onebox linked recipe URLs here on the Soylent forum too! One first step is to ensure that the individual DIY pages support the format, then linking a DIY soylent recipe with a nice summary would be as easy as pasting a single link

in, like so:


I would like to log back in and update the recipe for Bachelor Chow now that I’ve improved upon it a lot. Problem is I have my username and password but the new login system requires an email and password, which I don’t remember giving. (It’s possible I entered a bullshit answer for my email address if it was required originally.)

How can I get back in to my account?


@maxk I think the problem was the email address you used had a ‘+makesoylent’ in it which messed with the emailer. I’ll fix the bug with the email system but in the meanwhile I removed the ‘+makesoylent’ from your email address on the site and sent you a forgot password email.


I moved 8 posts to a new topic: Suggestions for improvements to


Does strip out and replace amazon affiliate tags…cause its looking that way. I guess I understand, but at the very least, it should be made clear somewhere. People put a lot of time and effort into making these recipes.