Making big batches doesn't seem like a good idea?


I’ve seen a few people doing this and making 1 week at a time but to me it seems this wouldn’t work because wont the heavier products sink to the bottom and the lighter ones to the top etc etc?

Also you daily Saylent will never have the correct amount of ingredients.

What do you guys think? Could this be dangerous?


In addition to any settling, I think the official shelf life of constituted Soylent is only around 2 days refrigerated… making up a full weeks worth goes pretty well past that.


Wet mixing a weeks worth? Yeah probably not a good idea. Mixing the ingredients all together into a dry powder mix? Works great.


I keep up to 8 days of powder in a large bowl. I’m not really concerned about settling. Scoop down to the bottom instead of just skimming off the top, re-stir occasionally, and you should be fine.