Making bread from official soylent 1.0?


Does anyone have a recipe for making official Soylent 1.0 into bread or some kind of solid food? I travel and would like to be able to take it with me on my trips when I can’t get more than 4oz of liquid through the TSA checkpoint. Thanks!


As far as TSA, people have had a lot of success just bringing the powdered form along (and for in-airport meals, just using fountain or post-gate purchased water bottles, etc).


To me, soylent is only really palatable in liquid form if it sits in the fridge over night, so bringing it thru TSA in powered form to make on the other side into a drink isn’t high on my list of options.


Well, if Soylent Bakery is your best shot, I believe @leecauble1 and @isaackotlicky have produced some decent effects with Official and DIY blends, respectively.


BTW, cookies, brownies or granola would work as well. I’d just like to have my Soylent in solid form instead of liquid for some cases. Thanks!


Using official Soylent:

Soylent waffles:

Soylent brownies:

Edit: Discourse is either pulling in the image and tossing out the link or it just doesn’t look right on my phone. Lee’s blog is

Lee has also done peanut butter cookies but said she wanted to get it right before putting a recipe for them up on her blog.

In the DIY realm, there’s everything @isaackotlicky makes, and a supposedly good bread recipe here:

I too would like to have a good bread recipe using official Soylent as the base. I love bread and don’t want to give it up if I don’t have to. :smiley: