Making brownies with 1.4


So, now that we’ve had success baking mookies/cuffins with 1.4 Soylent, I’m starting to wonder about making brownies. Would it just be a matter of dropping the liquid oil and that’s it? Or maybe adding a tad more water to compensate for the missing liquid?

Anyone with more baking scientifickish know-how than me, would be welcome to chime in!


I would honestly love to see about getting weekly / monthly community cooking challenges up. Pick a food, everyone makes it to the best of their ability.


That would undoubtedly be very, very interesting to quite a few people around these parts, not to mention the broader world outside this forum!


Crap, there was a post on some stuff like this the other day, making my soylent before work and looking up a recipe real quick or i’d answer. Best of luck, and @Conor any chance we can get a repository area for stuff like this where they can be trending or whatnot? Maybe a Subreddit for Soylent foodstuffs or something?


There is the cooking category, in the forum. I understand what you mean, a list of more proven concepts.