Making Deals With Fast Food Companies?


Would it be possible for Soylent to try making a deal with McDonalds or any other fast food company? For instance, maybe McDonalds could get soylent 1.0 in bulk at a discount in return for helping Soylent with their production and advertisement difficulties. As it is right now, Soylent is an enemy of the fast food indurtry, which doesn’t seem to be a good idea to me. Any ideas?


Why is it a bad idea for Soylent be at odds with fast food?


Because the fast food industry has a lot of money and resources that could be helpful if soylent were to team up with them. Also because if McDonalds starts feeling threatened, they’d have the money to end up on top. McDonalds has the money to throw into advertising.


If Soylent takes a big enough chunk the market that McD and company feels threatened, then I don’t think Rosa Labs needs to be concerned.

That said, I’m not sure the arrangement would work very well. Soylent doesn’t have a thick enough profit margin to benefit a fast food chain, nor does their product seem like it would fit in well, with most fast food products. In addition, the techniques to market Soylent are very different from fast food marketing.

A partnership with nutrition stores or gyms makes more sense to me.


I agree there is no way McDonalds will team up with Soylent. But wouldn’t it be wonderful? I’m going on a road trip for two weeks and would love to just pull up to McDonalds and order 1 Soylent meal all mixed and cold.

As @livingparadox said, nutrition stores (GNC or something like?) would be great as well. Rosa Labs could mass ship and I could just go pick it up. That being said, direct delivery is probably better unless you could save a lot of money in mass shipments.


Orange Julius or some other smoothie shop would be nice. Would be cool to be able to walk up and order Soylent smoothie with pineapple, oranges, bananas, etc.


Because the typical person ordering a Super-sized Big Mac meal is Soylent’s target market, amirite?


Yes. That is exactly the target consumer for Soylent. It is meant to replace frozen quesadillas and Big Macs, according to Rob.

People don’t eat McDonalds because they see themselves as gluttons. They do it to eat at a high calorie:dollar ratio and because nutrition is complicated.


McDonalds might be on board if there were an extra 60g of sugar added to each meal


I doubt anyone like that will “team up” with them. There’s already a few of “them” who are watching this + getting ready to pounce with their own similar & competing product, believe me. (not saying that’s a good or bad thing, however, competition is normally a healthy thing)


You must be kidding.

Fast food restaurants won’t promote Soylent. Soylent customers don’t need McDonalds. If you want Soylent, you’re not going to bother with driving to a crowded restaurant, finding a parking space or getting in line, wait for the people ahead of you, pay money, wait for the order, hope the order is correct, find a place to drink it, etc. You’ll fix Soylent at home or at work.

If anything, McDonalds or any other fast food or diet company may buy out Rosa Labs and destroy Soylent. The takeover may put Soylent on the shelf and let it be forgotten. Or the takeover may change the formula to make Soylent addictive - adding a dozen kinds of sweeteners, additives or herbs may make consumers get uncontrolled cravings for days after consuming Soylent. Also the government and the news media may destroy Soylent, similar to how they stopped “Liquid protein diets” or effective appetite suppressants because a few people abused them and died of anorexia nervosa - yet nothing is said about sweeteners added to foods to make them addictive causing millions of people to die from obesity.

I think Rosa Labs would have much better luck with vending machines, health food stores, online specialty food sellers, government or charity food pantries and programs to feed people who can’t cook for themselves. But a $10 million buyout would be tempting for Soylent owners.