Making me look bad!

I have a buddy that just ordered a batch of Soylent to try out. This is the 4th person I have got on board! This is the first that is tech savvy enough to start his own account.

Unfortunately, not only does the Soylent he purchased expire in June - you didn’t ship him a pitcher or scoop!

Come on SoylenTeam - your slacking! :scream:

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I hope you sent that information to customer service as well as posting it here! I’m sure they will get a scoop and pitcher for your friend, assuming powdered Soylent was ordered by a new customer.


Indeed! I gave my buddy the customer service email. (


I have a bag of 1.4 that expires 2/2017, but the 1.5 bags already expired last month in 4/2016 … ?

They went 2 years out on expiration dates for awhile, then cut back to 1 year out