Making Official Soylent Keto


I’ve eating official Soylent for about 3 months, entirely for lunch which covers about 50% of my calories. I have one big negative though, which is that I have definitely been gaining weight. I’ve also noticed some side effects post drinking that suggest I’m getting a sugar rush (elevated heartrate, rarely dizzy feelings, etc). I recently started adding 1-2 tsp of psyllium husk with very positive results, it feels like my energy levels are much more constant now. I’ve started changing the rest of my diet to be lower in carbs and I want to try to shift Soylent to be lower carb as well.

Step 1 will be: add extra oil, for now just canola oil. I’m going to try adding 4 tbsp per day to shift the carb/fat from 126g/70g per half-day to 126g/100g. Protein won’t change at 60g per half-day. Soylent is normally about 50/20/30 C/P/F by %. This will shift it to be more like 35/15/50. We’ll see how that goes over the next two weeks and then maybe make other changes.

It would be great to hear from the folks who are doing DIY keto soylent about whether this is going to work? My hope is to get to the point that soylent is my only major source of simple carbs each day.


Just a technicality: this will be a high-fat Soylent variant, but it won’t be ketogenic. I’m not particularly well versed in keto, but I know that you can only stay in ketosis if your carb intake is less than ~50g per day. That’s going to be difficult using official Soylent as a base. If you just want high fat, but not to the extremes of a ketogenic diet, you’re probably on the right track.

The only other thought that comes to mind is that you want to be aware of the increase in caloric intake. If you used to go through half a pouch per day, your new high-fat version should use less than half the pouch to stay at the same level of calories. You can do the calculations if you’d like.


Yeah I realize that, just trying to go in that direction to see whether it’s better! Thanks for the input. I’ve been eating based on how hungry I feel at any given moment so hopefully I’ll just naturally consume less.


All your doing is adding calories to Soylent. If its already making you gain weight adding more calories won’t help and will make things worse in that department.


You actually have to get it down to around 30g or less of carbohydrates a day. each 444g pouch of Soylent 1.2 has 246g of carbohydrates so you would have to split up 1 pouch to around 9 days to stay under the maximum. That’s also assuming you’re not getting carbs from other sources.

More fun: there’s 170 calories in 1/9 pouch of Soylent so you’d have to have 1500 - 1830 calories from fat along with that. You could do this with 250g of butter, that’s 2.2 sticks.

Although it’s possible to eat 1/9 pouch of Soylent plus 2.2 sticks of butter per day, I think you would do better starting from scratch. There are some excellent keto DIY recipes, I’m nearly 2 months and 20 lbs into one myself.


TLDR: went keto, love keto. KCCO.

I went to a keto soylent about a month ago… I love it. It’s delicious, and I’m down about another 20 lbs since I made the switch, yeah, I know, 5 or 10 of that was water. While I do control my calories to keep up the weight loss, I’ve found that ketosis seems to be more forgiving to me if I do eat extra, as in if I eat 500 kcal more today than normal I will still be down a bit of weight tomorrow, where before I could have counted on a gain.

I’ve been playing with keto recipes for several months now, and I tried going full into two prior recipes… those attempts didn’t end well. My previous attempts were not palatable enough, and I droped each experiment after about two weeks. This go I am really pleased with the recipe and expect to keep at it for the foreseeable future, though once I do get to my goal weight I may switch to a low carb rather than keto diet, we’ll see.

I’m up to version 9.3 (yikes I’ve been after this too long) and found the flavored whey to be awesome, it really helped get the recipe where I wanted. I’m using NutraBio , but I imagine any clean, flavored whey you like would work well. So far I’ve tried almost all of their flavors (only orange left to try, and it’s mixed and chilling for tomorrow) and have been pleased, the original mint in the recipe is still a favorite, the chocolate and vanilla are good, but better when mixed, as is mixing chocolate with cappuccino, yum. My least favorite was the cinnamon bun, followed by banana, but they weren’t bad, and I imagine I’ll be ordering both again. As a bonus, a 2 lb tub is just right to mix up a 10 day bulk batch, :smile: (cheese puff container FTW, thanks @Chris_Bair) though buying larger tubs of whey is cheaper.

This recipe does use a little bit of heavy cream, which I expect helps the palatability as well, but it can be easily removed without destroying the micros, just add more oil to make up for the lost calories. On that note, you can also easily taylor the calories up or down for your needs by adjusting the oil, if you’re using MCT it will be flavorless. I’ll be trying it without the cream soon, but have really been enjoying it as is and didn’t want to remove it while playing with different flavors of whey, though I expect it will still work well.

I would advise that if you decide to go this route, you go all in, don’t cheat when you’re eating muggle food. I’ve found it to actually be pretty easy to stick with (haven’t cheated yet, or really even wanted too) even when eating out, most restaurants will have some carb free’ish choices that will keep you on track, and many now offer carb free as an option (had lunch Sunday at Red Robin, they will give you any sandwich on a lettuce bun, and you can substitute a bottomless salad for the fries.)

I’ve never gone through keto flu, and I’ve gone into keto now three times, but many do. Just be ready for a few bad days when you start in case you do, and prepare ahead of time by insuring you’re getting all your electrolytes.

Just a housekeeping note: my above recipe hasn’t been made ready for public release yet, mainly just meaning I need to take some time to write a good note section, but it’s there if you want it. Most of what you may need to know will be in the notes of my other public recipes if you’re interested, it just won’t be keto specific.


Total carbs used, this recipe is not adjusted for net carbs.

So does that mean the net carbs should be 15g/day?


Thanks for the responses, I guess I’m really going for a low-carb version to figure out if that’s the issue, not one that will put me in ketosis continuously.


As I understand it your not really making it low carb. You aren’t planning on reducing the powder just adding more oil. This will skew the macro ratios in fat’s favor but you will still have just as many carbs and more calories to make you gain more weight.


Indeed it does.

Post must be… Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious… Did I speel that correctly?


@kennufs Yeah… I totally just stole your recipe and ordered a bunch o’ stuff off Amazon and NutraBio. I did rework the recipe a little to use some of the stuff I currently have on-hand like Kirkland multivitamins, NOW Cal/Mag/D3 and others so I wouldn’t have to measure 2mg of stuff


Sweet, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, let me know. I’ve let a few non-soylent friends taste it, a couple of them really liked it, so I think I’m on the right track. The couple that didn’t like it have been pretty put off by the idea in general, so maybe that played into it.

One of the reasons I do the ten day bulk mix is to help make the small measurements more accurate and easier to handle. I wouldn’t want to try and get .03g of Manganese measured out everyday, but .3g is no problem at all. I’m really liking the giant, clear cheese puff container, thanks for the recommendation. I don’t care for pills, it always feels like they get stuck in my throat, so I made my recipe with just powders and fluids.


Yeah, when I’m experimenting with stuff and doing a 1-day batch it’s always sketchy to measure out teeny tiny stuff.

They should make carb-free cheese puffs with actual cheese.


Yum! I dare you to do it, but when you make your first billion I want a new Tesla for encouraging you in the early days. :smile: