Making soylent available in other countries in the site?


I like the idea of soylent because although i live in Singapore (Developed country), I am quite lazy about food even though i enjoy eating good food, I sometimes only eat dinner (2-4 times a week?) so I would really like to test soylent as for consistency and I am pretty sure having soylent is much better than my current diet. One problem, I do not live in US. Is there any other way to get easy delivery to Singapore with minimum cost?


You can either wait until more international shipping options open up (or use a freight forwarding service), or you can make your own. Making your own is a fantastic learning experience :smiley:


A lot of people here use MakeSoylent to find or create their own recipes, give it a look and see if you can find the ingredients for a recipe you like.


I ever thought of making something like soylent like probably 2 years back but the ingredients are hard to find and back then i wasn’t so “adventurous” . MetaSynapse, I saw your post of the recipe, do you have a updated one and link it here so i could try making it. Thanks


I have a thread here with a link to my Google Docs spreadsheet, which is way more up to date ( is blocked at work).