Making Soylent Less powdery when drinking

#1 . I used a third of the amounts of all those ingredients apart from Ground Parsley. I put the powders one at a time on top of each other into a large cup.

Then I put the oils ontop of it, placed some kitchen paper on top of the cup and shook. Then added in a seconds worth of fridge dispenser water into it and stirred. It was really thick. So I put it in the blender with a bit more water. All in all now I’ve added probably 200-300ml of water and it’s still very powdery to drink And i blended using the plastic and metal thick fans and left it on max for 5 mins. It’s not clogged up and thick but I bite a bit and it’s like having powder grind between teeth a bit like accidental sand in the mouth.

I added hazelnut flavouring and it was so interesting how it was literally like a liquid nutrigrain. No better description. Any known methods of what to add to make it a smoothie without the powderyness to it. I’ve got it the right viscosity it’s just got tiny bits of powder in it that hasn’t mixed…


Try starting with the liquids in your blender, then slowly add the solids in while the blender runs (or in little batches if you can’t do that).

That said, I think that texture is probably from the oats. Try heating them up with water before mixing with the rest of the ingredients. They’re done when they go gloopy (like porridge).


It would just be 7g of the oils and then the water and oil and water don’t mix so… but I’ll try adding bit by bit to that. Also I used dextrose rather than maltodextrose I forgot to say.

I have a feeling it’s that oats… I didn’t shake any of the bags beforehand too accidentally. It’s oat powder. But yeah I think I’ll put the oats in the blender and add boiling water to them until they go like porridge then add the rest blending as I go and hopefully it was just the oats that were causing the powderines. By the way they looked I think it may have been them. Why do you think it’s from the oats; from experience of there a certain scientific reason you know of?


Experience - uncooked oat powder causes a silty texture. Beware though, when you ‘cook’ them the end result will be significantly thicker. You should be able to just add water to compensate.


Thanks. Do you know any other carbs source than oats. I tried ressearching this but couldn’t get anything - do you know why I can’t just have maltodextrin as my pure carbohydrate source?


You could use it alone, but it will likely give you sugar highs and crashes as it absorbs very very fast into your blood (this gives you diabetes in the long run). To avoid this you can either sip it very slowly and evenly across the day, or not use so much of it. Palatinose is quite slow to absorb but not very cheap, and unsuitable for use in high quantities due to fructose content. Have a look around the forum or to see what other people are using.

See also the wiki, though the carbs page is a bit empty at the moment.


Do you know any other non oats low carbohydrates ie the non fast absorbing carbohydrate sources?


If you’re using a blender, the oil and water will mix well enough long enough. That’s what a vinaigrette is, after all. The blender will have enough power to emulsify it. If you’re using lecithin of some sort, that will help too.

It won’t stay that way long, but if you put in the liquids and fire up the blender, then add the powders, it may help.


Because lecithin keeps certain ingredients from separating out. Thank you.


Yeah. meant to say that, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue: Lecithin is an emulsifier that helps keep water and oil mixtures from separating for a time. Not forever, of course.


Np, cheers. Going to try palatinose, whey and olive oil and see whether it’s the oats that’s making it too powdery.


is it necessary for nutrition to cook the oats or is it just to improve the texture?


It doesn’t seem to be strictly necessary, but it probably mitigates some phytic acid issues (search the forum for some in-depth discussion on this).