Making Soylent Spicy?


Do you guys think there’s a way to add a spicy flavor to soylent without changing the recipe too much?


Great idea, will definitely go on my to-do list. Cumin is really good for you so is almost definitely a good first ingredient. I guess other spices may be added to taste. You could either add them directly, or preferably fry them in oil briefly before adding to the rest, so as to bring out the flavours.

I can’t imagine whey-based recipes working well with spiciness, but soy, rice and pea should. Carbs are also tricky, sweet things like maltodextrin are probably inappropriate, but quinoa, potato, spelt, buckwheat etc could be good.


My recipe is mostly soy protein, maltodextrin, and oat flour. So I’m hoping it will be okay. My soylent tastes a bit bland so I was thinking of putting in a different flavor for each portion of soylent so I won’t get bored of eating it throughout the day. Cumin sounds like a great idea though.


Cinnamon is an absolutely amazing spice for it, imho. You can also use brown sugar to replace a small portion of your maltodextrin for a noticeably sweeter taste as well.


I did wonder whether it’s suitable for mixing up into a thick paste, spicing it appropriately, and shallow-frying it in balls to make falafel.


So I just made a shake with Cumin, Black pepper, Cayenne pepper, Chilli powder, and a little mustard. It tastes pretty good! I think it would go well with mine because it was already bordering on the sort of savoury/sweet clash you get in curries due to the main flavour influences being Spirulina and Coconut milk.

Edit: it does make my throat feel a bit tickly, like i constantly need to cough. I hadn’t noticed until I needed to talk but it really gets in the way of speaking. I’m sure this will be different for each recipe and probably not a problem for most of you.


I’ve mixed Soylent with Chocolate and chili powder and cinnamon for a little Mexican cocoa effect. Quite tasty.


Might be something here for a broth-like soylent soup? Replace your protein and some oils with pan-fried chicken, some of these sound pretty tasty.


If you like the taste of cinnamon, I highly recommend trying cinnamon oil.
I’ve been using it for years to make my own flavored yoghurt.