Making the Poor Man's Recipe Even Cheaper?


…Just wondering, could one safely use just the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, Alive! liquid multivitamin and olive oil, and get the iron, choline potassium, calcium/magnesium and choline from a good multivitamin pill? Or are the NOW Foods versions needed for the taste, bulk, etc. ?

Haven’t tried it yet but am interested in making a small amount, see if I’d like it and if it’s filling enough to start replacing some meals with…



Sorry, listed choline twice…meant to say use the Serious Mass, Alive! and olive oil for the drink and get other nutrients from a multivitamin, would it work


This is very similar to what I already do, though I just crush up a generic multivitamin instead of using the Alive! stuff (which I’m told doesn’t taste very good)


Potassium in large amounts all at once can be disastrous for your stomach. In the US, pill vitamins are limited to (I believe) 2% of the daily value of potassium per pill. To get enough, you need some kind of powder dissolved in the liquid and taken throughout the day.


One picky clarification - from what I understand it’s not the large amount of potassium that’s the issue per se, but rather the concern that a large amount of potassium in a pill would be in direct contact with one part of the stomach lining, which can cause damage.


Yes but youll be getting a huge amount of calories from carbs and you would probably be looking at megadoses or near upper limit on many of your vitamins and minerals. The proteins the most expensive thing in mine if you went ketogenic you could slash price drastically on any of the regular recipes.


Not sure what your train of thought was here, but ketogenic diets don’t reduce protein intake; they replace carbs with fat. In my experience this usually raises the price, because fat is more expensive than carbs.


You probably won’t find sufficient amounts of choline, potassium, calcium, or magnesium in a multivitamin. One reason is that all of this wouldn’t fit in a single pill.


Total brainfart. Good catch.