Male vs. Female Formula?


I’m trying to look for somewhere where it says the difference between the male and female formula. Does one of them have more calories or something? Does one of them have supplements for muscle building? I’m not sure what to order since I already received my Backerit confirmation.


Female version has1800kcal &a little more iron. You can email for more info


@mechanesthesia - Would love it if you posted informational updates to this thread!


I’m a bit sad that as a female, I’m getting significantly fewer calories for the same price. At my current weight and activity level, all the caloric needs calculators are putting me way over 1800 calories. (Yes, I’m tall for a woman, overweight, and active. Go figure.) One calculated 2000 calories as “Extreme Weight Loss” which doesn’t sound very healthy or pleasant. I don’t want to just order the men’s formula though, since I’ve had low blood iron before. (Not actually anemic, but too low for the blood bank to take my blood that day :frowning:) I guess I can just plan to supplement with real food, but I was hoping not to have to do so.

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Yeah, that’s lame. If I was in your spot, I’d get the men’s and an iron supplement. That way you won’t have to deal with other food and the supplement will probably be cheaper than buying more women’s Soylent for calories.


Agree, If you need more calories simply order the male version for 2200.


Apparently the “male” and “female” versions differ only in the amount of calories. Even the amount of iron is the same, so I just changed my order :smile:

Soylent Blog - 10/21 Recap — male/female formula development


To anyone who hasn’t seen the last blog update about this:

One thing that I am confused about is how this relates to dieting… I’m assuming they both have the same amount of powder, except one is higher in calories than the other… The thing is, I don’t know how filling it would be…
Does it make sense to get the lower calorie one for dieting or is it better just to get the higher calorie one and drink less of it? What do you guys think?


I think the point is that the 1800 formula is more dense in micronutritions. So that even if you just take in 1800 calories you still have 100% of the micronutritions, while if you just ate 20% less of the 2200 formula you would also lack 20% of the micros.


I’m going to go with the 2200 for dieting. My natural intake, if I go in stomach control, is in the high 2000, low 3000 range. So 2200 should produce some weight loss for me, especially if I get back in an exercise routine,


I’m a female, of small size, and my daily intake should not be over 1600 calories (I’m not very active).

I don’t think I should have to pay as much for Soylent as those who need more calories. If you need less, you should pay less.

A part of me wish they could just give the same amount the everyone and provide guidelines on how you adjust the calorie intake yourself. In that way, those men and women who need over 2200 calories a day will use up their soylent more quickly, and I may be able to use a month worth of Soylent for a month and a half. That’d be more fair.


It is pretty easy to adjust the overall calories however you would also be adjusting the other nutrients. If you mix the 1800 calorie formula in a total volume of 2 liters then you have 900 calories/liter, 450/half liter and so on. Drink what you need for calories. As for the other nutrients once the final formula and nutrient content is published I would imagine you could also calculate how they would work in and compare to RDA recommendations for your specific needs. I think the contents are based on an “average” person.


This is something we’re considering, we’ve gotten a lot of similar feedback and are looking into the possibility of just having one blend. Thanks for sharing!


As long as it’s not ‘dangerous’ to customize it, then go for it. But do provide guides on how to do it though for us who suck. :stuck_out_tongue: